Cadillac CT5 in Dazhou, the department’s highest discount of 40,000

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Dazhou area Cadillac officially authorized 8 years old store – resources priority sufficient, preferential policies to enjoy power!The whole system enjoy 2-5 years super long loan financial program, lower car price, lower down payment, more convenient car purchase!★ More than a surprise!Buy car to enjoy maintenance package!!Order a car to send a gift!Free test drive to the store!★ New American style rear drive car -CT4 as low as 209,700 yuan from the new American style luxury sports car -CT5 as low as 239,700 yuan from the new American style flagship luxury car -CT6 as low as 289,700 yuan from the new American sport XT4 discount up to 50000+New American style luxury XT5 preferential up to 60,000 yuan new American style luxury flagship XT6 preferential up to 55,000 yuan ★ enter the store can participate in the lucky draw, 100% win!★XT4 XT5 explosive models can enjoy 0 interest car purchase ★ second-hand car free evaluation, can enjoy 5000-10000 yuan replacement subsidy!★ Old customers introduced to buy a successful car to send 1 maintenance, and the value of yuexin membership card 1500 yuan!★ New car insurance enjoy 2 years three insurance subsidies, 3 years out of insurance maintenance subsidies!Dazhou Meiwei Cadillac 8 years old store, with professional sales and after-sales team, to provide you with car purchase, finance, insurance, maintenance one-stop service;Welcome to inquire or to the shop for a trial drive, car hotline:0818-2257571 Promotion time from March 14, 2022 to March 20, 2022 Cadillac CT5 latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Dazhou quotation 28T fashion 279,700 yuan 40,700 yuan 239,700 yuan 28TDistinguished 327,700 yuan 3500yuan 285,700 yuan 28T platinum 341,700 yuan 3500yuan 306,700 yuan 28T luxury standard edition 294,700 yuan 40,700 yuan 254,700 yuan