Niu is about to pull up, there will be such a signal, repeatedly remember, buy at the lowest point is not a dream!

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If you invest well, your assets will increase by a factor of N.Bad investment, assets will shrink sharply, heavy losses.To put it bluntly, the stock market is a cash machine with the ability to invest in stocks, while the stock market without the ability to invest is a meat grinder.So we have $1 million invested in the stock market.To double in three years, you have to be in the right place and at the right time. First, you have to learn to time stocks in the bull market and stay out of the bear market.Second, learn to pick stocks.It’s easy to double a stock if you pick the right one.If you can do the above three points and invest 1 million in the stock market, I believe it is possible to double your income in three years. It is very easy to double your income.For example, according to the current A share market analysis, it is indeed very appropriate to buy shares now, because A shares are now in A bull market, but also at the bottom of the bull market.At this point, investing $1 million in the stock market is the right time.Of course, choosing the right time to invest in stocks is a key step.In choosing the right time, you must also choose the right stocks.When you pick the right stocks, you have to be able to defend individual stocks.The three are indispensable; they complement each other.I believe it will double in the next three years.Profitable.Today to share some strong shareholding K line form.K line unique lies in the use of a single day K line form can be preliminary judge the strength of the market.Combined with some other technical indicators, in the operation can often get high accuracy!The main points of this form are: 1, the stock price has started and entered the consolidation stage;It’s a good idea to start with a daily limit.In the course of consolidation, stock prices are mixed, K line interwoven, but the center of gravity moved up.3. MA5 and MA10 must have a gold fork before the stock price starts and not glued together during the consolidation.At the same time, the stock price opened, with the push volume, consolidation in the volume contraction, the final breakthrough in the form of volume.5. The curve opening of THE OBV energy wave must be upward and not entangled.”Black horse grass flying” pattern graphic features: 1.60 moving average trend continues to rise, a diagonal pattern.2, daily K line trend and 60 moving average similar, up concussion.3. After about half a year of continuous earthquake, the sudden upward breakthrough entered the upward channel, and the volume was in the form of large volume.At this point, share prices began to rise sharply.Technical points: 1. Before the stock price rose sharply, the trading volume did not show a very obvious pattern of high volume.2. Buy from the bottom of a volatile stock.3. The best time to intervene is before share prices rise sharply.1, a premise of this K line shape is that it must be at a relatively low level, can not appear at a high level.2. The combination form of K line must show certain rules, because the more regular the K line form, the greater the strength of the main force to control the market, and the greater the strength of the stock price.In the future!3. When we see this pattern emerging, but if we intervene too quickly, we must wait for the signal and conditions to intervene.Because the intervention is too early, the main force may still suppress wash, this process will be very difficult.Don’t think that just because you read a few books, you can join the yakuza.Have you ever tried drinking a whole bottle of whiskey with a gun to your head?The same is true of stocks.Several books on stock analysis are easy to understand and make the most of your analysis.It’s easy to make a few hundred thousand dollars a month.Next year earn 10 million, want to give you a good shout: the elder brothers, relax, nothing is easy, the stock is the same.God is fair, give you one, you must take the other.In other words, don’t just watch the thief eat meat, you haven’t seen the thief get beaten up yet.If you have tried to earn or lose half of your salary in one day without changing your face and dream stable at night, then congratulations, you have entered the initial stage of the stock market, that is, you have started to use.However, the price of entry is too high, either because Hua Fa was born prematurely or because his wife and children divorced.If they succeed, their bones will die, and many more will fall forever on the snowy grass of the Long March.So here’s my advice: First of all, I don’t recommend you do stocks.Second, if you must do it consistently, spend less money.Third, if you start losing money, that’s a good thing.If a person makes a lot of money from the beginning, he or she is going bankrupt.