Changzhou West Taihu Lake: Winter training gives energy, fighting “epidemic” brave responsibility

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Changzhou in March, Changzhou West Taihu Science and Technology Industrial Park has adjusted its winter training plan in a timely fashion according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, using the front line for party members’ winter training as a “training ground” to enhance the effectiveness and energy of winter training in the fight against COVID-19.Party members into a silver cloud classroom for winter training strengthen the theoretical basis to ensure that the masses of party members in the epidemic prevention and control related knowledge and skills, promote the epidemic prevention policy carries out the fine, the park surrounding the epidemic prevention innovation winter training learning mode, using WeChat group meeting, tencent and other media, campus of 10 organs of party branch, 118 party members to carry out online training,Learn the basic requirements, common knowledge and methods of epidemic prevention and control online, and publicize the epidemic prevention and control knowledge to enterprises in the park, giving full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members.At the same time, the working committee for the first time to establish “enterprise epidemic prevention and control” WeChat group, makes the 24 hours don’t close the winter training class “cloud”, accomplish “three first”, namely: in the first place in the group of epidemic prevention and control of the liaison training related content, the first time within the group answer questions presented by the various liaison and epidemic prevention, the first time for examination and approval of the enterprise to submit application for epidemic prevention.Truly achieve the “learning zero constraints, zero distance service”.From March 15 to March 23, west Taihu District (West Lake Sub-district) carried out 5 rounds of nucleic acid testing for all members. All parties in West Taihu District organized party members to take the initiative to go to the front line, injecting strong strength into the anti-epidemic work of the park.The party members of Suwen Electric Energy Technology Co., Ltd. volunteered to form a volunteer team of 37 people, which went to 6 nucleic acid sampling sites in the region under the unified deployment and arrangement of the headquarters.Jiangsu Jingxue Energy-saving Technology Co., LTD., while earnestly implementing the epidemic prevention and control policies, actively organized and coordinated a team of more than 50 enterprise volunteers to fight side by side with on-site medical staff for several days.In addition, more Party members of enterprises have volunteered to contribute to epidemic prevention and control after their enterprises stopped production.Party members from the Party working Committee and management committee of the West Taihu Science and Technology Industrial Park also came out of their offices to play a strong role.The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Inspection is on the front line of epidemic prevention and control and nucleic acid sampling sites.The PARTY and government offices have made all-out efforts to ensure epidemic prevention and control services.The Party mass Work Department organized the establishment of emergency volunteer service teams;While doing a good job in enterprise inspection and epidemic prevention and control, the Economic Development Bureau undertook voluntary nucleic acid sampling services at some sites.The Planning and Construction Bureau and the Investment promotion Service Center are responsible for the nucleic acid sampling services of the projects under construction in the park……They regard their participation in epidemic prevention and control as a vivid practice of fulfilling their original mission, and become guardians of the people at this special time.In the face of the epidemic, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), enterprises in The West Taihu Lake Park actively donated money and materials to governments at all levels to inject warm energy into the winter training and fight the epidemic, and practiced their social responsibilities with practical actions to make the winter training of Party members strong.Furong Holdings Group Co., Ltd. has donated alcohol pads, masks, alcohol and other materials to Wujin District government, West Taihu Management Committee, Niutang Town government and Hutang Police Station, amounting to more than 200,000 YUAN.Jiangsu Taikeboman Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. donated RMB 200,000 to the West Taihu Charity Branch for epidemic prevention and control in the park.Suwen Power donated RMB 100,000 to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters of Changzhou West Taihu Science and Technology Industrial Park to help west Taihu fight the epidemic.In addition, weidekang, Yirui Medical, Huajian Pharmaceutical Package and other enterprises have also participated in the epidemic prevention and control work in the park in various forms.”Party members how the effect of winter training, combat is the best test.”All party members in the “epidemic” line in the middle school, strengthened the party spirit, strengthen the responsibility of the mission, the park will continue to guide the majority of Party members and cadres to learn to promote application, knowledge to promote action, with practical actions to practice the Original aspiration and mission of the Communist Party.Correspondent Zhou Jian Yangzi Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Ma Ben proofread Xu Heng