What is the use of the weed “Leech seven” on the cliff?Mash it up. Sprains and swellings help

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Hello everyone, welcome to the farmer dietitian recuperation.Friends, have you ever seen a plant that grows on a cliff?Why does this plant grow only on cliffs and not on flat ground?Was it meant to demonstrate its tenacity?Friends, do you know him?It not only has strong life, but also has strange names, such as leech seven, also known as red leech seven, stone Crab, do you see if this one looks like a crab, and stone centipede, asbestos, I wonder if you have this plant in your hometown.If you meet it, do not take it as a weed, but it has health care function, it is gesneriaceae, Gesneriaceae labialis perennial herbs, leaves are basal, grass, asymmetric on both sides, oval, wide ovate or nearly round, above densely pubescent, it also has a variant called the hairy leeches seven.Leeches are distributed in Guangxi, Guangdong, southern Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi and Fujian in Our country. It is rare to see them in Sichuan. They usually grow on rocks or cliffs in mountains and forests at an altitude of 400-1000 meters.Its flower is also quite good-looking, so someone put it in the home when bonsai, flower lilac to purple, flowering period as long as 1 month, beautiful form, flowers and leaves are beautiful, have ornamental value very much.It also has high health value, invigorating spleen and middle, clearing heat and dehumidification, detumescence and analgesia.It also has a high health value. Sometimes when we sprain our feet or sprains, we will feel swollen and painful. At this time, we can dig a bit of this leech grass, wash it clean and mash it into mud.And sometimes we cut our hands on something in the field and bleed.You can also use the leaves to crush it up like this and stick it to the bleeding area, which is a good way to stop the bleeding.Ok, you also know what other health care effects of Mafengqi, pay attention to the comment section, you can also speak freely in the comment section, follow, comment, forward, like, favorites, long press like, accompanied by me.I am a farmer is also a nutritionist, thank you for watching, have not paid attention to my friends remember to click attention, we next time goodbye, bye (this content is for reference only, specific application please follow the professional guidance to use)