Weifang Fruitful @ Trumpchi M6 8000 yuan enjoy 2 years 0 interest rate

2022-07-12 0 By

The country’s top ten sales shop reputation assurance, manufacturers direct, affordable, better service!Weifang Rich Trumpchi M6 – all-round wide MPV, preferential 8 thousand, installment can also enjoy 0 down payment, 0 interest.Big space really 7 seats, with leapfrog wide enjoy space 1860mm wide body design + sharp atmospheric appearance 4780mm leapfrog car grid + Qi Cloud AI intelligent interconnection, buy now, discount 8000 yuan to enjoy the maximum 5000 yuan replacement subsidy, interested friends can leave your personal information online or call:171-4262-1332 for free consultation, network customers buy cars to enjoy 5500 yuan luxury gift package.For more deals, call the toll-free 400 line.The event will run from February 20, 2022 to February 21, 2022