There’s nothing wrong with being a millionaire. These 5 steps are the answer

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Hello everyone, there are two kinds of people in this world, the 1% and the 99%. The 1% are the richest people in the world.They have successful businesses and investments.More importantly, they have the freedom to travel as they please, the ability to buy as they please, and their own way of life.Then 99 percent of us ordinary people probably went to college and have a full-time job.Some people even moonlight, also very short of money.They don’t have much savings, and many of them are not doing well financially.If you’re watching right now, there’s a good chance you’re one of the 99 percent.But you really want to be part of the 1%, so how do they do it?Let’s take a look at the Instagram posts of millionaires showing off their houses, cars, vacations and expensive things you may never be able to afford.Can you possibly become a millionaire?The answer is yes, but certainly not that hard.Becoming a millionaire is a lonely hero and requires a lot of sacrifice.But at the end of the road, there is great freedom.You can go where you want, eat what you want and never worry about money again.If you want to know how to get there, make sure you finish our program.It has all the answers you want. First, myths about money.Let’s talk about that now.How do you really become a millionaire?First, we need to expose the common money misconceptions that keep people from getting rich.One is that you have to spend thousands of dollars to get a good education and then get a job.Many people are under the delusion that this is the best way to succeed.I don’t blame them, because that’s basically what society teaches us.Don’t get me wrong, we’re not anti-work, but if you’re just happy with your job, why are you watching today’s show?We thought you’d want to be a millionaire.To be honest, doing your own job isn’t the best way to do that.Now let’s see why?That’s because just having a full-time job means you’re using your time to make money.The problem now is that you can only really work a few hours a day, so there’s always a cap on how much you can earn.If you make $30 an hour and work 40 hours a week, it will take you 17 years to earn $1 million from your job before taxes, inflation and other expenses.So it might take you 20 years to make a million dollars from your job.Gone are the days when you had to sacrifice 20 years of your life to make a million dollars.But the truth is, it’s not the only option.You don’t have to sacrifice 20 precious years of your life, but there are other ways you can earn your million.So lesson number one is don’t use your time to make money.Second, start your own company.Now you may be wondering, why are there so many young millionaires?How did they do it?Why didn’t anyone teach me that?You can think about it this way.If you want what others don’t have, you want what others can’t have.If you want what most people don’t have, you need to do what most people can’t do.What haven’t you done?You just didn’t create a system that automatically makes money for you while you sleep.So how exactly do you create such a system?You need to build a company around something based on a need, and you need to be able to scale it.Unlike a full-time corporate job, there is no limit to how much money you can make in your own business.If you make $30 an hour and work 40 hours a week, there will always be a cap on how much you can earn.But your own business runs 365 days a year.You don’t have to be there all the time.There is no upper limit to this income.You can make unlimited money.Now the hardest part is figuring out what kind of business you want to run.Remember, if your business cannot expand and there is no demand, it will fail sooner or later.But the way to overcome that, to meet the needs of the market, is for your business to solve a problem for the consumer.Let’s take ARBNB for example.It’s relaxing, safe and convenient.It’s really convenient to rent out your spare bedroom and make a profit, giving people who don’t make that much money a chance to go somewhere.Certainly not for you to create another LBNB, line 360, and make it a champion.There are thousands of different industries you can work in.For example, you can create a we-media channel.In this day and age, freelancing alone is so multifarious.In today’s highly developed technology, you can live anywhere in the world, you can create your own business on the Internet without paying any costs, without having to backlog any goods, without having to hire any employees.A business can be built around anything, and this is an era when all skills can be monetized.If you want to build a business around something you really love, the process becomes a lot easier.So our second lesson is that you need to solve the problems of the consumers around you.Meet the needs of the market and start your own business.Third, reinvest in your business.If you want your business to be an evergreen in the business world, then you should listen to this part.Now let’s look at Amazon, one of the most successful companies.Amazon currently employs 147,000 people, but it didn’t start out that way.Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, started from nothing.But he is well aware that he cannot turn his business into an empire on his own.That is, he must invest in hiring someone else to help him be his right-hand man.If you want to grow your business and make it take off, this is what you do.When we look at Amazon today, we see that even if founder Jeff Bezos doesn’t show up, he can operate normally.This is the operating system you should build for your company.Only then can you focus on constantly coming up with new ideas and discussing the feasibility of new ideas.Business development is up to your team, and your team will be behind you.You don’t have to deal with the details.If you can do well along the way, then at the end of the day you don’t even need to be involved in your business and you’ll still have a successful business.It will run automatically, and it will expand without your presence.This is my third experience today.If you want to grow and succeed, you must reinvest in your business.Fourth, buy assets, not liabilities.When your company starts making money for you, what do you do next if you have some extra cash to splash?Would you buy lamborghini, Rolls-Royce or Gucci shoes?On the contrary, you should use the money to buy assets, not liabilities.Liabilities are things that don’t make you money, like cars or clothes, but buying assets does.Like real estate, stocks, businesses that will make you money.So it’s important to buy assets, not liabilities, as soon as you get your money.There will come a time when an asset, such as an investment property, can cover your debt.Like lamborghini, you can buy whatever you want.This is the fourth experience.When you buy something, you need an asset, not a liability.Fifth, take action.The experiences we share with you are actually derived from reading on the day.The classic of the genre is known as Rich Dad and Poor Dad.If you haven’t seen it yet, catch up on this lesson.Books are a collection of human experience and wisdom, especially those who are known to be successful and share their best life wisdom.How can I start a business? What kind of business?What if I don’t have the start-up capital?What if I’m not smart enough?What if you don’t know anything about taxes?It’s good that you’re asking questions, because it means you’re eager to learn more.But the truth is you’ll never have all the answers.Running your own business means facing problems every day that you can’t prepare for.So, your best bet right now is to be brave enough to start worrying unnecessarily and wait for problems to arise.Well, that’s the end of today’s programme.Thanks for your likes and subscriptions.This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.See you next time.