Cure oil anxiety disease for NI fill up oil 4000 yuan refueling vouchers plus code enjoy

2022-07-12 0 By

Oil prices and double 叒 up?Don’t worry!Free driving period, oil NI master Nissan black technology high-energy power and fuel consumption at the same time both cure oil anxiety for NI fill up!Dongfeng Nissan cure oil anxiety for NI fill up the oil, invite you!From now to April 30, go to the shop to buy a car, 1000 yuan in advance, up to 4000 yuan can enjoy the insurance voucher;There are replacement subsidies to 19,000 yuan to enjoy you!During the event, if you buy a new generation of Qijun, you will get a high-value boutique gift package of 4500 YUAN;If you buy Versa, you can get a gift of a car worth 1000 yuan.To the store test drive a new generation of Strange Jun, Teana and many other models have surprise!Super benefits, all in dongfeng Nissan Jinjiang franchise, waiting for you to enjoy!