All good deeds have a price

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I don’t know how you understand the four words “help others happy”.In my opinion, the key word is the word “as”.Anyone who has great love must be helping others as a kind of happiness, since helping others is happiness, that helping others will not ask for any return.The most famous representative should be Lei Feng. Every year, March 5th is The Learning from Lei Feng Day, which represents the call and action of the whole society to be good.To help others in pursuit of happiness must also be a loving person, a capable person, and a kind person with a desire to help others.While helping others, they get some kind of response and feedback, such as being seen, recognized, appreciated…Their good deeds were answered and they felt happy.I have friends who are engaged in charity work or volunteer at public service organizations. They give their valuable spare time to help others, which is admirable.When I asked them how they felt, they invariably mentioned the four words: joy in helping others.They said it made them happy to see the smiling face of the recipient when they helped others.For their good deeds, the whole society should not be stingy with praise and applause!Friends, relatives and acquaintances will also help each other, and it is also mentioned that “helping others is fun”, helping relatives, friends, and people who have a lot of fate, which makes people happy.This kind of helping others, of course, is very worthy of affirmation.This kind of mutual help makes friends and relatives feel warm, just as the structure of herringbone is to support each other, which is reflected in helping each other.However, this kind of helping others is different from the first two.This often implies a tacit understanding and consensus, that is, this is a “favor” — the helper gives “favor”, the recipient temporarily “owe favor”, all owe, always want to return later.No matter what kind of helping others is worth advocating!Remember a lyric: as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a better world!”Do not do evil in a small way, do not do good in a small way,” the old saying now seems to have more realistic significance!In order to encourage everyone to be good, everyone is willing to start from “good small”, we should actually create such an atmosphere and rules, that is, good will be rewarded — “all good deeds should have a price” — at least recipients, spectators, to help people loudly say: thank you!Make the world a better place!