Yanbian University 2022 Art category in Shandong key information

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Yanbian university, hereinafter referred to as “delay”, is located in the yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture, jilin province, is the national “world first-class discipline construction in colleges and universities”, national “211 project” key construction university, western development key construction universities, jointly with the Ministry of Education of the people’s government of jilin province key support construction university, jilin province people’s government and the state ethnic affairs university supported,In the Midwest university foundation ability construction engineering, national construction high-level university professional graduate programs, outstanding doctor education training plan, outstanding talents education of agriculture and forestry training plan, “111 plan”, the Chinese government scholarship students receiving institutions in China, the overseas Chinese education base of the State Council, yanbian university by nankai university partnerships.Yanbian University in Shandong province art class enrollment of 2 majors, is the art class, design class major.In 2021, the admission score will remain above 578 points.The enrollment plan for fine arts in 2021 remains unchanged compared with 2020, with a total enrollment of 40 students.There is little change in the admission score, and the minimum admission score of fine arts majors in 2021 will increase by 2.09 points.The tuition fee is 8000 yuan per year.Recommended Major (code: 2021) Recommended Institution (2021) Institution Attribute Institution Type Admission Method in 2021 Number of Filing plans in 2021 Lowest score (Comprehensive score) Tuition fee in 2021 Compared with the lowest comprehensive score in 2020 29 Fine Arts A184 Double First-class Yanbian University /211 public university provinceDesign A184 Double First-class Yanbian University /211 Public University Provincial comprehensive score 25578.5580002.32