To promote the establishment of luzhou, Sichuan province to create the “four good rural road” provincial demonstration city

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Travel along the Tuo River road.In the afternoon of February 16, on the tourist road along the Tuojiang River in Jiangyang District, Luzhou city, Sichuan Province, people went out in twos and twos to look for traces of spring, riding bicycles and walking dogs.Tuojiang riverside beach, adults with children flying kites, enjoy rape flowers;Roadside specialty food shop, full of food and drink people bask in the warm sun.All the way along the river, eating and drinking, watching the mountains and water, fun.This rural road along the Tuojiang river winding forward, a total length of 25 kilometers, in addition to a 7-meter wide road, but also supporting a 3.5-meter wide road for riding, paved with colored asphalt, all the way viewing platform, parking, comprehensive service points, public toilets and other facilities complete.Many special restaurants hidden in the mountains, rivers and fields, attracting a large number of diners to punch in, the tourist road has naturally become a “new online celebrity” around Luzhou.Last year, The Tuojiang Tourism Road in Jiangyang District of Luzhou City was selected as the most beautiful rural road in Sichuan Province in 2021, and Jiangyang District became the national demonstration county of “Four Good Rural Roads”.Jiangyang District rural public transport.The “four good rural roads” should be well built, well managed, well maintained and well operated, with “construction” in the first place. How to build?Shang Shaochun, deputy director of the Transportation Bureau of Jiangyang District of Luzhou City, introduced that in the process of planning and construction of rural roads, the concept of “integrating landscape with road, integrating industry with road, and coordinating development” has been integrated, and the link between highway construction and rural revitalization, industrial development, cultural tourism and other planning has been paid attention to.People riding bicycles along the Tuojiang Tourist road.Ginger to well taken as we have learned, jiangyang accumulative total investment of 2.2 billion yuan, the implementation of rural roads lift gear upgrades, connect the main scenic spots, beautiful countryside, characteristic town, built up the welfare road 104 kilometers, connecting various agricultural park built in 156 kilometers “thriving industry road”, relying on long Tuo liangjiang comely resources high standards to build tourism along the river road,Ecological cycling roads and ecological travel roads will be built for 50 kilometers.Dong Yunba Park Road.While luzhou jiangyang transport for rural public transportation, logistics, global coverage, good operating rural roads along the river from the parking lot tourist highway zero kilometres farther, with beautiful natural scenery, all the way to jiangyang beach town transportation service station, three green new energy bus between urban and rural areas are charging, waiting for the next train passengers.Inside the station, on the shelf of “Jintong Project · Rural Post” room, there are “rural e-commerce logistics distribution boxes”, and local eggs, longan and other agricultural products will be exported from the village to all parts of the country.In order to solve the problems of difficult, expensive and insecure travel for rural people, jiangyang District of Luzhou City has built 6 comprehensive transport service stations and invested 133 rural public transport vehicles, including 109 new energy electric vehicles.Fifty-four lines have been opened, covering 80 administrative villages in jiangyang District, and the “Golden Project” of rural passenger transport has been implemented on the basis of the regional public transport. The rural passenger transport network has been realized in Jiangyang District, that “every village has public transport, you can take a bus when you go out and go to town in half an hour”.In addition, jiangyang district village postal station coverage reached 100%, rural logistics “the last kilometer” has been opened.In the management and maintenance of rural roads, the implementation of the road chief system to set up general road chief, county road chief, rural road long, so that rural roads each have a “steward”.At the same time, integrated transportation, public security, urban management and other departments, set up a comprehensive law enforcement team, to solve the problem of multi-party law enforcement, repeated investigation and other problems.Establish safety emergency mechanism, set up district transportation service center and street town traffic management station.Huangyichang Yongxing Village township road.While luzhou jiangyang transport for figure it is worth mentioning that “wisdom agriculture road” jiangyang innovation construction platform, by integrating the whole domain bus cameras, Internet data, and to build “the electronic map, a rural highway database”, the development of “agriculture road management, public service” two platform, to achieve “the public service, business management, enterprise use” three big functions,Agricultural road management information, intelligent, automatic……A series of measures, let jiangyang district rural road in the national scope.The “Four Good Rural roads” linking cities, towns, villages, scenery, production and heart have become an important force to help luzhou’s rural revitalization, serve social and economic development and improve the quality of public travel.At present, Luzhou has become 5 provincial-level demonstration counties of “Four good rural roads”, 1 national-level demonstration county, 5 demonstration towns, 33 demonstration villages and 700 kilometers of demonstration roads.In the next step, Luzhou will take the opportunity of creating a national demonstration area of “Four good rural roads” to promote the establishment of the whole area and promote the high-quality development of rural roads.Xuyong County and Hejiang County are striving to become provincial demonstration counties of “Four Good Rural roads”; Longmatan District is striving to become national demonstration county of “Four Good Rural Roads”; Luzhou is striving to become provincial demonstration city of “Four Good Rural Roads”.At the same time, it plans to build 50 kilometers of happy Meili rural road (focusing on rural revitalization industrial road and tourism road), 130 kilometers of unblocked road for dissolved and incorporated villages, 200 kilometers of road for groups of 30 households and above, and 140 kilometers of safety and life protection project.