Shangcai community security: protect the safety of owners

2022-07-11 0 By

In the Spring Festival holiday, in the fight against COVID-19, in the cold and scorching heat, people dressed in dark blue can be seen everywhere in government offices and communities. They are dedicated to their duties and protect the safety of thousands of families. They are working at ordinary posts, but writing extraordinary touching stories.They are the guardians of our urban communities — the security officers.Class is shangcai County Wolong street Lisheng Xin yuan residential area xinyuan property of an ordinary security, the reporter came to the residential guard room to see him, he is on the foreign personnel registration, check the health code.Class students told reporters: “our daily work is responsible for public security patrol and fire safety inspection, found hidden dangers reported in time;Registration of visitors to prevent foreign miscellaneous personnel to enter the community, disturb the community management order;Unified command and management of incoming and outgoing vehicles and parked vehicles to prevent disorderly parking.””This line, as a security guard is at any time to hold position, service for the owners, every time at the feast, residential property is always the busiest, residents rest assured their property security entrusted to us, this is the responsibility, so the community security in these critical days are clung to his post, ensuring the safety of the owners have happy New Year.”Property security xu Hequn said.In addition to the daily work of visitors, vehicle registration, vehicle parking management, security prevention and patrol, xinyuan property security guards are responsible for the daily work of lishengxinyuan community. As long as the community owners need help, they will do better within their power.Therefore, they usually considered insignificant bit by bit big and small, in the owners won a very good reputation, praise for them to thank them, is also the general voice of the owners.”These are the security guards are very responsible, have what matter to find they can solve the first time, the door to anyone not registered, do not have no access to troubleshoot, especially in the evening, they are on duty every night patrol all night without sleep, also each floor to have a look at the meeting, feel to live in this housing estate with these security personnel especially a sense of security.”Li Sheng Xin yuan community owner Guo Fangfang told reporters.Tong Genji, the property manager of Xinyuan Residential district, said: “When we entered the twelfth lunar month, we held the community Spring Festival work, mainly on the Spring Festival fire safety prevention, community Spring Festival atmosphere layout, community parking order management, epidemic prevention work have done a detailed arrangement.At present, the community fire channel is smooth, no piles of sundries and inflammable goods in the corridor, parking order well well.During this period, we strictly implemented the prevention and control measures of the higher authorities to ensure the safety of the owners of the community.”