Happy New Year on the seventh day

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On the seventh day of the first lunar month, xi Xi Xi is your xi. After the New Year, you are happy. Life is back to its original position.[Rose] When the wind and water rise, Happy New Year to send blessing: big and small blessing family photo, blessed with happiness enjoy happiness everywhere.Know fu laifu blessing, thick fu hongyun add happiness, meet fu fu every year, keep blessing blessing![Rose] Gently say hello, deep blessing, continuous love, endless heart exclamation.The New Year is coming, thousands of words are condensed in the New Year wishes here, I wish you a happy New Year, happiness forever![Rose] To celebrate the New Year spring, plum lips, I send the breeze into your arms: friendship priceless treasure, love forever, 100 competition show charm, xiaokang life happy heart, dragon dragon tiger leap prospect beauty, menting spring warm luster![Rose] Say hello on the seventh day of the New Year.Blessing to, beaming around.The god of wealth cover, exchequer qiao.Family harmony, less trouble.Good prospects, high income.Prosperous career, high career.Good wind and rain, good harvest, things, happy happy.On the seventh day of the lunar New Year, blessing slowly sent, a fate to send the “edge”, send a blessing is a kind of edge;Two send you financial resources “source”, I wish you a New Year have financial resources;Three to a complete “circle”, I wish you a happy family reunion![Rose] the first bloom small bud unknown flower, colorful auspicious clouds reflect Rui Xia.Pedestrian willow dike feel spring warm, sunshine spring river to see grass buds.Seven or eight sound spread far beyond the sky, the stars dot a group of crows, high clouds flash lightning, according to the empty thunderbolt rain surprised frogs.On the seventh day of the lunar New Year, blessings continue;Things change, miss the same;Deeply bless, hidden in the heart;New Year’s greetings, spread to the side;Peace be to you, happiness;May you be healthy and happy;Wish you beaming, spring in the house![Rose] the first to treasure a peach fairy, colorful lotus hands end.The earth scattered manna rain, rili Landscape garden flower yan fresh.Happy Ankang Li Landscape garden.Ferro Shouxi poly Fairy all, celebrate the world today, born in the world do not think day.On the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, the seven stars shine brightly, opening the year full of luck, and marching forward with the wishes of the New Year.In the New Year, may we meet the sunrise on the road of life, accompanied by warmth, happiness and everything we wish![Rose] I wish you a New Year: dream dream round, days like thousands of sweet;Do everything race, success with times spirit;Want to wealth wealth, gold and silver sea of good luck in.On the seventh day of the New Year, the most effective blessing, after reading a smile, a thumbs-up!Year after year, good things are just beginning.On the seventh day of the New Year, troubles all slip away.Happy New Year, life is myriad.I wish you a happy family every day.A year of auspicious wind, all the best backgammon.Four seasons peace spring often in, bonanza over the years.Taurus whip farewell to the old year, five tigers roaring spring.I wish you all the best on the seventh day![Rose] The seventh blessing to the New Year, fortune and good luck to the New Year!Every day happy is king, the God of wealth chasing you everywhere!Children obedient and clever, happy happy family harmony!I wish you the year of the Tiger healthy, happy, smooth!In the New Year, my blessing is a treasure, lucky person received, in the New Year, wish you straight tiger career, gold and silver wealth filled with packages, sweet love to hoary head, family peace happy smile, healthy jinzhong mask, good luck to surround every day!On the seventh day of the first month, I wish you a happy life![Rose] seven seven star, seven seven auspicious words, received blessings, qi complete, with wealth, Kang Kang Ann, step by step wind, everything!