Frameless door + large slip back, beautiful lines of a car, take you to see BMW 3 series GT

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No matter which model, the suffix of the name with the word “GT”, then the route of this car is definitely sporty, take BMW 3 series GT for example, it is a model in line with the preferences of young people.Xiaobian take you to understand the basic performance of this set.BMW 3 series GT net adopts straight waterfall design and lively line front, giving people a very dynamic feeling, bringing people full of sports atmosphere.BMW 3 Series GT car side shape is very beautiful, strong sense of lines, greatly improve the vehicle’s sense of sport.The body size is 4852/1828/1518mm, the wheelbase is 2920mm, the tires are from Pirelli, the front tires are 225/50 R18 and the rear tires are 255/45 R18.In terms of rear design, BMW 3 Series GT gives people a very cool feeling, taillights to the shape is also very good.The exhaust layout uses a single – side double – out design to enhance the sports atmosphere.The interior of BMW 3 Series GT is relatively general and the central control screen is smaller, which is not as good-looking as models with large screens. However, the overall workmanship is relatively excellent, and it is still a bit luxurious.The three-spoke steering wheel of the BMW 3 Series GT is very thick, which gives you a strong grip, and its control is very accurate, which makes you want to drive.Instrument panel is very good use of 10.25 inches of full LCD instrument panel, to create a good visual effect.The leather seats of BMW 3 Series GT are sporty and can support your body well, so that you will not feel tired after a long ride.BMW 3 Series GT is equipped with rear head air bags and rear seat air outlets.The rear seat space is much better than the regular 3-Series, with more room for synchronization and comfortable cushions that don’t squeeze three people in the back, but leave no room for the middle passenger’s feet.BMW 3 Series GT uses a 2.0T four-cylinder turbocharged B48B20A engine, with a maximum power of 184 HP and a peak torque of 270 N · m. It uses an 8AT gearbox, with a maximum speed of 229km/h, 0-100km/h acceleration of 8.1s, and a combined fuel consumption of 6.8L/100km.The shape of BMW 3 Series GT is very beautiful, and the beautiful lines of the body are the most attention of many people. But the interior of this car is old-fashioned compared to many cars nowadays, and the sense of science and technology is not very good. If you only need this model of the car, you can buy it, and there are discounts now.