City management of international Port area rescues injured woman during patrol at night

2022-07-11 0 By

“Look, is there someone hurt up ahead?Let’s go and see!”On the evening of April 4, li Xiaodin, Wang Wei and Yao Pengbo, three law enforcement officers from the city management and comprehensive law enforcement Bureau of Xi ‘an International Trade and Logistics Park, extended a helping hand to an injured woman in time and helped her quickly get treatment during the night patrol.According to three law enforcement officers, the same evening around 9 o ‘clock, they were on duty in shangshan Lane patrol, found three people gait tottering to help a woman.See the incident abnormal, three players will come forward to inquire about the situation.It was later learned that they were migrant workers from Sichuan, and the injured were yi people of Sichuan nationality.She suffered a head injury when she was out in an accident and was bleeding profuse.Because they do not have a car, it is not convenient to take a taxi, and they are not familiar with the surrounding situation, they do not know where to seek medical treatment, so they can only walk while looking for medical treatment.In order to let the injured as soon as possible to get treatment, the chengguan members will be for them when the “special car driver”, with law enforcement vehicles, the injured to the hospital.On the way to the hospital, the chengguan team took care of the injured woman’s condition and chose the fastest and best driving route. It took her about 10 minutes to the Xinzhu Street Health Service Center and assisted her to complete the epidemic prevention and control procedures such as scanning codes and temperature measurement.After learning that the woman could not read, the chengguan officers helped her complete medical registration and other procedures to ensure that she was quickly treated.Later, doctors from xinzhu Street Health Service Center stitched up her wound and performed other procedures.At present, the injured are in good condition.”As a city management worker, when people’s life and property safety is threatened, we will be in the front, duty-bound to extend a helping hand.”Participating in the rescue of the city management team Li Xiaodin, Wang Wei, Yao Pengbo said.Article/Photo: Wu Junli and Wang Weibo