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Investors in the stock market to fight in the wind and waves, the enemy is the first of their own, want to run freely in the stock market, first have to overcome their own, can not overcome the self can not overcome the stock market.It is hard to make easy money in the stock market. It is even harder to conquer yourself. Investors must overcome one difficulty after another before they mature and welcome the exposure of victory.The stock market changes rapidly, not only test people’s wisdom, more test people’s mentality.In the stock market that most easily affects a person’s mood, everyone’s state of mind can be completely exposed, and affecting your stock market process.Why are all really continue to take profits from the market, is still on the market, keep enough heart of fear, because they each a periodic profit is to observe, understanding and judgment of the market, the process of trying, harvest, not discovered a secret can once and for all, conversely those who dare to fight have to find the secret beat the market,The easy gains are mostly marginal.Investing in the stock market focuses on the deep understanding and perception of the market, and the specific actions made therefrom. As for the number of trades to buy and sell, it is not the most important.Making just one trade a year can be lucrative if you make the right investment decisions.If the investment idea is not correct, hundreds of transactions a year may not be able to obtain more than the bank interest rate, and even may appear repeated losses.In such a perfect system process, perfect their own investment journey in the need of things.When successful, don’t forget who you are, always remember that you are just a drop in the market, only obey can win, continuous victory doesn’t mean you are correct, more doesn’t mean you grasp the truth, and the market, when you want to cheer when you want to boast, may doom is coming, to reflect on their own understanding whether can keep up with the market changes,Always be careful, always respect the market.Can retail investors wait for the bull market to take off if they hold on to their stocks?You hold a stock, even if the cover, book losses, if you have not been holding, will certainly be able to wait for the next round of bull market.Because, in the next big bull market, all stocks will rise, even if the people who buy a set now, will certainly solve the set, and can get a certain high yield.But in real life, the problem is not so simple.General people won’t buy a stock in the second half of bear market, most people enter the stock in half mountainside above, even top.Under such circumstances, even if the next bull market comes, it will be at best a slight upside.And if once, after the bull market did not take off, there is a big bear after the bull market, although shareholders have a profit, but soon changed book losses.And, most shareholders have no long-term holding of the patience, often cut meat cut at the end of the bear, the top of the bear.So, willing to be trapped for a long time, and not willing to cut the flesh out of the people are very few, here the time cost is too high.Imagine the bull and bear cycle for at least a few years, with investors holding shares from the peak of the stock market until the peak of the next bull market.How many people are willing to wait for such a no-lose outcome?Investors have a misconception that stocks are bound to rise in the future.There’s a difference between a stock going up or not.What’s the difference?That’s the value difference.Good stocks have quality holding value, and bad stocks have no superior holding value.For holding the stock has not sold is feasible, but must be a value stock.Because value stocks have the value attribute of holding, unlike the instability of the price of junk stocks.Looking at the trend characteristics of historical value stocks in the stock market, there will be obvious characteristics, and the trend trend of value stocks is obviously upward.For a time, there may be a year or two of falling prices, volatility will cause investors to lose money.But over the longer term, value stocks tend to ride out the uptrend well.And upward trend, the value of the perennial earnings will be very considerable.For ordinary investors, the most suitable method is to invest in value stocks, or value stock type funds.This way of investment: 1, can spread the risk, low cost.There may also be losses at the beginning of investment, but value stocks have an obvious upward trend, so even if there is a decline for a time, for the future continuous purchase of shares, it can better disperse risks and lower holding costs.2, can continue to invest, lose opportunities.The advantage of cast not only lies in the ability to disperse risk, amortize low cost, but also has the advantage of losing opportunity.Because investing becomes sustainable, bull markets tend to be impossible to miss.3, cattle and bears meet, profitability will be very weak?A share trend historically, the rise is more limited.However, as far as value stocks are concerned, they cannot be treated purely by indexes.Because indexes, which represent the movements of all stocks, do not better represent value stocks, they are very different.Because value shares have obvious upward trend, so the profitability of the cast will be better than the index, profitability is not weak.If the performance of value stocks in recent years is anything to go by, many value stocks have seen price increases of several, tens, or hundreds times.Low single-peak intensive long-term horizontal finishing is the main suction warehouse preparation important method, is also the main reason for the formation of single-peak intensive.Horizontal disk area can be seen as the main target price area.The main force in this area to use a long time sideways, those who do not have the patience to follow the wind plate and short – term guests out, and the use of up and down shock suction chip wash dish.The higher the intensity of the single peak, the longer the time formed, it means that the chip change and the main suction chip more fully, after the greater the strength of the market.Chip low single-peak intensive breakthrough intervention method after a long time in the low stock, chip peak gradually transferred from the top to the low, and began to form a single-peak intensive form.In the key day, the stock price has broken through the single peak intensive chip peak, this time needs to have the volume of cooperation, that the rising trend will open, the single peak more intensive, once the breakthrough after the attack will be stronger.Operation points: once the single-peak intensive chip is broken, the market is bullish, mainly choose the opportunity to intervene.After a round of uptrend, the price of single-peak intensive stocks appeared in the form of single-peak intensive chips at the high level, and the stock price rose through the previous high peak of intensive chips, hitting a new record high.At this time can be involved, single-peak intensive chip peak for stop loss, this position is not broken, holding to rise mainly, such intervention method, only suitable for short-term operation.Fast in and out of the main.Strictly enforce discipline.Head and shoulder bottom: after the stock price falls for a long time, the trading volume decreases significantly, the stock price slows down and rebounds slightly, the trading volume increases slightly, forming the left shoulder.Then continue to fall bottom, encounter a counterattack, trading volume quickly amplified, the stock price rose over the left shoulder low price, the formation of the head and shoulder bottom, and again back to the bottom, the formation of another bottom right shoulder, this bottom is not lower than the head and shoulder bottom.Since then, multi counterattack, in the cooperation of large volume will be pulled up the stock price, if the stock price rises more than the neck line 3% can confirm the rising trend of the future market, the minimum range of the stock price rise is the vertical distance from the bottom to the neck line.Rising rectangle Rising rectangle usually appears in the way of the rising trend of stock price. After a period of rising, the stock price encounters strong resistance at a certain price, and the stock price falls back. However, when it falls back to a certain low point, it is strongly supported and the stock price rises again.It falls again at the previous high, and then gains support at the previous low, so that the stock price goes up and down many times, forming an upward rectangle.The rising rectangle will eventually choose to break upward, and the stock price will enter a new rising stage.Keeping abreast of the so-called fly wing to wing K line refers to a stock to harden as the precursor, the next day when shares not jump vacancies before covering the mouth, out of the small Yang line, at the third session’s time again to form a small Yang line, side by side following a pattern is up against Yang line, indicates the stock rally.Among them, the operational points in the actual combat are as follows:1, the stock price in the “flying wing to wing” combination form before the daily limit appeared, and appeared to jump upward trend;2, the first limit of the Yang line, change hands rate is not too large, keep the best below 5%;3. The turnover rate of the first Yang line is better than 3 times more than the turnover rate of the trading board;4. The turnover rate of the second Yang line had better be kept at about half of the amount of the day before yesterday.5, the timing of intervention is to break through the trend of the early high platform at the point, or when the stock price breaks through the early high for catch-up operation.Please remember to click “like” and “Rocket + follow”. Thank you.I will share the stock market interpretation with you every trading day!If you have anything to say please leave it in the comments section below.The stock market is risky and investment should be cautious