Wulingyuan: Promote the implementation of grid operation quality through supervision

2022-07-10 0 By

Rednet moment Zhangjiajie on March 24th (correspondent Chen Xuanyi) In order to deeply understand the operation of grid work in the whole region, recently, the main person in charge of the grid office of Wulingyuan District command center led a team to 6 townships (streets) and the Bureau of Management of the whole region to carry out grid service management supervision.Steering group throughout the field looked at (street) ZongZhi center network conference system, “understand” the village “and” ZhiAn family “video surveillance system, adopt the method of randomly selected, the key supervision village (community) grid integrated management platform, level 3 micro grid operation, management and enterprise WeChat usage, listen to the grid work to carry out the report in detail,And conduct on-site supervision on the problems found.In the next step, the district command center will sort out the problems one by one, formulate rectification measures, pay attention to the rectification and implementation, and at the same time increase the business guidance to each township (street) grid work, so as to promote the grid service management work of Wulingyuan District to a new level.