Well done!Zibo high-tech zone investigated 3 “blast street” motorcycles

2022-07-10 0 By

In order to prevent road traffic accidents from the source, severely crack down on and govern illegal modified vehicles, recently, Zibo High-tech Zone traffic police brigade in the area of “blast street motorcycle” suspected vehicles, and through the public security big data platform research, investigation,On April 7, 3 motorcycles were investigated.Traffic police conduct publicity and education for drivers, and require drivers to record or immediately resume the modification of vehicle seats, rearview mirrors and bumper guards.Later, the driver also voluntarily made a written promise that there would be no more racing and roaring driving, and said that they would widely publish propaganda messages on their wechat groups to refuse to “blast the street”.Zibo High-tech Zone traffic police department to remind the general public, illegal modification of vehicles will affect the car’s braking, balance, easy to cause traffic accidents, and driving on the road once a traffic accident, may face insurance companies do not settle claims.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Yang Shudong correspondent Li Danni Wang Ziying report)