Tough!A woman was forced off a US passenger plane after the plane turned back in mid-flight after she made a scene while refusing to wear a mask

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At present, the COVID-19 epidemic in the US is very serious, which is directly related to the American people’s lack of support for the government’s epidemic prevention and control policies, and even the US has become the epicenter of the deterioration of the global epidemic.According to ABC news, a first-class passenger on an American Airlines flight to London refused to wear a mask, raising the possibility of cross-transmission of the coronavirus.So the flight was forced to return to Miami and the passenger was kicked off the plane.An American Airlines flight from Miami to London turned back to Miami airport after an incident, according to the airline.The flight had 129 passengers and 14 crew on board, and the disturbance was caused by a first-class passenger.She refused to wear a mask in accordance with the airline’s epidemic prevention and control regulations, but when the flight attendant tried to persuade her to wear a mask, she started making a scene.The plane had to turn back to Miami in order to get the passenger off the plane.In the end, the airline had no choice but to cancel the flight directly, and the passengers’ normal travel was seriously affected. They had to rebook later flights.Details of the disruptive passenger are not known, but freeman, another passenger on the plane, told reporters that she was abusive to the flight crew when they asked her to wear a mask.And she didn’t neglect to wear a mask, she did it on purpose.Flight attendants have masks on board, and the purpose is to provide them to passengers who forget to wear them.But the disruptive passenger complained about each mask, which was clearly intentional.American Airlines reported the incident to police, who arrived to escort the passenger off the plane after the plane turned around, according to the Miami Police Department.Although no arrest or charges have been filed, Freeman has been turned over to American Airlines officials for administrative treatment, so she could be held accountable.Such an approach is highly irresponsible. Turning back in the middle of the flight will not only delay the journey of the passengers on the plane, but also may lead to more safety incidents.Besides, the current epidemic situation is very serious, and the passenger did not wear a mask in accordance with the regulations. If there really is cross-spread of the epidemic, who should bear the responsibility?Global Times