To build your personal brand, why must you learn from role models?

2022-07-10 0 By

Recently, I have been asked the same question intensively: from whom can I learn well and quickly?I said: you can learn from books, from courses, from people…I don’t know. Who are you learning from?Or both?Today, I want to focus on: how do you learn from someone, and how do you find that person, find your role model?Face the real people and solve the real problems.So, if someone has been solving real problems, uniting knowledge with action, that’s someone you’re especially learning from.Study him. Try to get the best of him.If this person happens to be taking classes or charging tuition, you have an opportunity to learn from them with your money.Don’t hesitate to buy his most expensive direct, long-term learning from him up close, this is the “shortest path.”Because, some master is not willing to teach, or he has no time to teach.Of course, if the other party is no class, also did not open the charging interface, temporarily can not approach him.There is another channel I will quietly tell you, is the other party’s books, especially representative works.Based on magnum opus, you have to cherish, do familiar reading, use, teach people.What is perusal?To be honest, reading one or two times is a waste of a lot of material. If you can read one or more times, you will become a “rare” reader, and the harvest will be different.As for the flexible use, it is you in the daily life and work to practice those truths and methods he speaks, strive to achieve a good result.Only when you have read, done and achieved positive results can you really learn.Teach people, if you do the first two, and can be well combined with their own actual combat, experience, experience, to teach others, so that others also learned, congratulations, you really learned.Teaching others is also one of the learning methods that I particularly emphasize in the RIX learning method. The mastery level can reach more than 90%.How to learn from people? That’s it.Another question remains: who are the best people to learn from?In other words, how do you choose your role model?In my opinion, there are three: to live well, to do well and to teach well.Those who have all three are the most worthy of learning.Why put living well first?Because for us to work hard, to work hard, the ultimate goal is to live better, right?If this person not only fits those three criteria, but also gets you into a really good network of people you can connect with who are good peers, then you’re really in the money.Again, if this person has a high personal brand and influence, then you become his student, can give you a certain authority endorsement.There is, of course, another problem to pay special attention to in the process of learning from a role model.Don’t just take, don’t output value, at least you have to maintain long-term “respect”, this is very important.Or you won’t be around for a while.How to do, is “respect”?Always hold a heart of awe, and provide good feedback to teachers.For example, share your gains and changes with your teacher.For example, help the teacher spread his system, influence more people, and let the teacher know.For example, let oneself become the representative case of the teacher, become the teacher endorsement.Remember to be aware of things.Live well, do well, teach well, and you will eventually become a role model for others to follow. Your influence will be strong, and so will your personal brand.