Spring Festival holiday inventory!Errand services, long-distance orders doubled and cultural consumption became a boom

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The Spring Festival holiday has just come to an end. This Year of the Tiger presents the characteristics of both “celebrating the Spring Festival on the spot and returning home for family reunion”. Various forms of consumption promotion activities during the festival improve the quality and upgrade.The integration of online and offline consumer markets in China is accelerating, the enthusiasm of ice and snow consumption is rising, the cultural consumption leads the fashion, and the quality consumption is colorful, meeting people’s multi-level and diversified consumer needs.During the Spring Festival, the number of customers in key shopping centers increased significantly. Offline consumption in Shanghai reached 37.1 billion yuan, and the sales of 10 duty-free shops in Hainan island reached nearly 2 billion yuan.The Online Chinese New Year Shopping Festival continues, with many e-commerce platforms and express delivery companies staying closed during the holidays. Sales of New Year’s Eve dinner packages, flowers and plants, and New Year gift boxes are booming, while sales of upgraded products such as smart home appliances, smart home appliances, and cultural and creative products are booming.County and township areas of fresh fruit orders increased by more than three times year on year, consumption upgrade trend is obvious.Shen Nan, a villager from Bashe Village, Xinhua Village, Qingling Town, Jiahe City, Jilin Province: Tropical fruits that we could not eat in winter before are now bought online and delivered to our homes in two or three days.During the Spring Festival, snow and ice consumption set off a new craze.”Bing Dwen Dwen” and other Winter Olympics souvenirs are popular, and data from key e-commerce platforms show that sales of sports equipment such as ski rings, skates and ski suits have more than doubled year-on-year.In order to adapt to the characteristics of consumption during the Spring Festival, local governments are also creative and committed to creating a new consumption scene of integration and innovation, which also activates the potential of offline consumption and meets people’s multi-level and diversified consumption needs.During the Spring Festival, many people stayed in Shenzhen for the holiday, and some shopping malls were renovated to meet the holiday demand.The commercial center in Futian district first attracted people through cultural activities, and then launched a promotion activity with a 30% discount, which boosted the steady growth of offline consumption such as catering and shopping.Zeng Xin, shenzhen, Guangdong province: I’m out for dinner with my family on my birthday.I just had a meal with the discount, directly reduced dozens of yuan, feel very good.This shopping mall in Nanshan District aims at parent-child travel and new large-scale children’s adventure amusement facilities, attracting many families to clock in. During the Spring Festival holiday, the shopping mall’s daily turnover increased by more than 15%.Liang Yangru, a resident of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, said, “Bring your kids here to play. When you come out, you can wander around.Ji Liang, a shopping mall worker in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, said the average daily turnover has reached 5 million yuan, which is basically back to pre-EPIDEMIC levels.Various folk customs activities held in various places have also led to the steady recovery of catering, tourism and other industries.During the Spring Festival, the old fishing Village Cultural Park in Changsha, Hunan province, received an average of more than 3,000 tourists a day, driving consumption of more than 3 million yuan.It is true to the fishermen’s hut, bamboo raft suoyi and other features. The folk activities with the theme of “fish” are full of immersion. Tourists can not only feel the old traditions such as fish dragon dance and fish lantern, but also experience the old crafts such as making fish balls and boiling fish jelly.Citizen of Changsha, Hunan province: Especially now life is better and more prosperous. When I see this scene, my childhood memories are really stirring in my brain. I am very excited and happy.Traveler: I feel very, very good to make it by myself. I feel very happy to be able to wrap these blessings in the fish jelly and give them to everyone.This Spring Festival, many people gave up the reunion with their families and chose to celebrate the Spring Festival locally. Although they did not go back, the thoughts of their families still flowed between their hometown and the city through parcels.This year’s Spring Festival, the number of orders doubled.In addition to sending seasonal goods and New Year gifts, ordering personalized errand services for parents far away in their hometown has also become a new way to convey thoughts and filial piety.Aunt Gao, who lives in Jiyuqiao community in Wuhan, received a special New Year gift during the Spring Festival holiday.Aunt Gao’s daughter Shan shan goes to school in the UK and cannot go home for the Chinese New Year this year. Aunt Gao is busy with her work and has a bad waist. During the Spring Festival, Shan bought a sweeping robot online for her mother and placed an errand order for doorto door installation and debugging.Aunt Gao, a citizen from Wuhan, Hubei province: VERY happy, I think she thought of it or quite thoughtful, I think the service is also quite good, also quite thoughtful directly sent to the home, hand in hand to teach me how to phone (App), how to debug, how to use, because we contact this relatively little, they also teach us quite patient.As soon as the robot was installed, her daughter, Shan, made a video call, and Gao quickly took pictures of the robot for her daughter to see.Yan Shanshan, auntie Gao’s daughter: She only needs to click the App on her mobile phone, so she doesn’t have to bend over. I used this errand service in China before, and it’s very good. I’m not in China, so I want to use it, so I can ask my brother to teach my mother how to use it.Shan is not alone in not being able to return home for the Holiday.Data from e-commerce platforms showed that around the Spring Festival, the number of orders from other places across the country increased 1.3 times year on year, many of which were filial piety orders sent by children to their parents.The orders include not only daily necessities and household appliances, but also legwork services such as pasting Spring Festival couplets, taking out garbage and installing electronic equipment.We provide help to buy, help to send and help to take, the main services of the elderly, children, especially the elderly in this aspect more.In xiao Shu’s service order, the reporter saw both “send the elderly by high-speed train” and “the elderly suddenly can not contact, please go home to knock on the door” such meticulous service demand, but also a lot of warm messages.”The old man can not speak Mandarin, please be patient”, “Buy for the old man’s New Year’s goods are heavy, please send upstairs”, although just a few simple messages, but convey deep care and miss.This year’s Spring Festival, the proportion of tourists in short trips and outings reached more than 70%. The slow experience and immersive “micro vacation” is deeply loved by everyone.There are also many families choose to pack a home stay small courtyard, the whole family sit together for the Spring Festival.Write Chinese calligraphy, make lanterns, cut window cuts, make dumplings together, rinse hot pot……Although Zhang Li, who works in Beijing, did not go back to her hometown in Gansu province this Spring Festival, she still felt the strong smell of the New Year as she gathered with her family and friends in a small home.Zhang Li, Beijing resident: It has a good environment, surrounded by mountains. We are usually in the city. With such scenery, we can all stay together and feel warm and comfortable.Li Mofei, Beijing resident: Seeing the mountains, running water and big trees, only my father, mother, grandpa, grandma and sister were with me at home. I felt more happy when there were so many people here.Different from the Chinese New Year at home, the multi-scene and new experience of homestay can not only make people feel at home, but also meet the personalized needs of different people.Staying at home to soak in hot springs, booking chefs to cook at home, providing surrounding ski tickets and other diversified services, so that the mature home stay courtyard has become the first choice for many families to travel.During the Spring Festival, b&B occupancy rates exceeded 90 percent in suburbs of Beijing and Qingdao, Shandong Province.Zhao Ying, Qingdao, Shandong province: I think everyone is busy at ordinary times. Take the elderly and children out for a walk.Stay in b&B and enjoy the taste of New Year.During the Spring Festival, huayu Town in Qingdao also held a series of folk customs activities, including the Year of the Tiger temple fair and the Lantern Festival.Qu Zengwen, Qingdao, Shandong: Strawberry picking, skiing, snacks, temple fair, it’s good to show kids around.Have the flavor of the New Year, the flavor of the New Year is much stronger than at home.According to tujia home stay platform, the number of single-family home stay facilities booked during this year’s Spring Festival increased by about 56 percent year-on-year.The top 10 most popular cities to rent a courtyard or villa for Chinese New Year are: Shanghai, Beijing, Sanya, Suzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Lingshui, Huizhou, Qingyuan and Hangzhou.More people are avoiding the most popular cities in the province, and the growth rate is faster than that of a smaller number of popular destinations, such as Liangshan in Sichuan, Huizhou in Guangdong, Kashgar in Xinjiang and Yichun in Heilongjiang.Hu Yang, head of homestay platform, said: most consumers are no longer just living in the same way as before, but now they are focusing on different scene-based and immersive experiences to experience different lifestyles.In addition to busy shopping and short trips, many people also choose to go to movies, exhibitions, museums, libraries and other new ways to celebrate the festival.During the holidays, some large exhibitions and galleries in Shanghai and Shenzhen will be open as normal. The Pudong Art Museum sees 3,000 visitors a day, and the Dongyi Art Museum on the Bund is exhibiting 80 works by 29 masters, including Monet and Bonard. Many citizens’ families come to the exhibition, and some tourists even come from other places to see it.Traveler Ms Yang: Every time I come to Shanghai, I find one or two art museums to look at the paintings and appreciate them.Ms. Luan, Shanghai citizen: To broaden my horizon, I don’t have to go out of Shanghai, so it’s good.Special exhibitions planned and launched by shenzhen’s major cultural exhibition halls have also become a hot spot for residents to scramble to clock in.With the help of immersive rendering, image search, panoramic sound and other technologies, this immersive digital experience exhibition leads the audience to experience the world of patterns in ancient buildings and collections in an immersive way. The audience can enjoy the naked eye 3D “digital cultural relics” with a height of 5.3 meters and 22x HIGH-DEFINITION magnification of cultural relics, and feel the experience beyond the physical cultural relics exhibition.”Dunhuang Grottoes and Silk Road Art of hexi Corridor” is on display at shenzhen Museum.According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, only 4,000 people can make reservations every day, but the exhibition is full every day.Citizen of Shenzhen, Guangdong: At that time, whether it is its color material, its shape, and the degree of its restoration, it looks quite shocking, I feel that Chinese culture is too extensive and profound.Guangdong Shenzhen citizen: before going to Dunhuang time is quite tight, at the door you can slowly appreciate.Many places have also launched activities to celebrate Chinese New Year in museums, and libraries, theaters and cinemas are popular.Big data from the search platform shows that the consumption of tourism, culture, entertainment and other services shows a momentum of rapid growth during the Spring Festival holiday.The post-80s and post-90s are the main consumers.Among the top 10 most popular Spring Festival activities this year, “going to the movies” is still the first choice.As of 2pm on Feb 6, the total box office for this year’s Spring Festival had exceeded 6 billion yuan.