Passers-by have been asking for photos of Eddie Peng as a volunteer in Shanghai

2022-07-10 0 By

Actor Eddie Peng was spotted taking a photo with volunteers in a Community in Shanghai after being tested for nucleic acid.There was also a rumor that Eddie Peng was working as a baymax in Shanghai today, which almost spread all over social media platforms. Eddie Peng was the top trending trending volunteer in Shanghai, but after some checking, it turned out that Eddie Peng was not that guy.The man with Eddie Peng written on his back in the picture is an ordinary volunteer in the community, which is not Gubei, but Daningyue House in Jing ‘an. Although he lives in Shanghai, Eddie Peng has not yet participated in the volunteer activities.The man later clarified the incident, saying he wrote peng’s name on the back just for fun.Therefore, the real identity of this “Eddie Peng” is a volunteer in building 8 of the community. He has participated in volunteer services in the community for many times.After the news came out, some netizens paid attention to the news in a residential community in Gubei. At around 11 o ‘clock, residents living opposite Peng took photos of Peng going downstairs to make nucleic acid.After finishing nucleic acid, Eddie Peng took a photo with baymax.So, although Peng didn’t show up as a volunteer, he still used the power of his idol to cheer us on.When it comes to Eddie Peng, people will immediately think of his handsome appearance and proud body, but that’s not what really makes him shine. The actor is also very keen on public welfare.Back in 2005, Peng was involved in the documentary, a short film for the Dong Foundation to promote depression.In 2008, Peng was invited to attend the charity activity “Irrigate Smiles with Love” to care for lost children, and served as the charity Ambassador in 2008.In 2009, Peng traveled to Vietnam as an ambassador for the Best Good Foundation to care for underprivileged children. He also adopted two daughters and became a father just before Father’s Day.At the same time, as a public welfare ambassador for the international wildlife conservation organization WildAid, he shared with the public his experience in turtle habitat protection and shot the documentary “Turtle Strange Aid”, and was awarded the Medal of Sea Warrior.Peng said the rescue trip, which spanned Central America and Asia, made him feel first-hand the importance of turtle rescue.”I want more people to know the status of sea turtles,” he said.Outside of acting, I was able to understand the world and feel that life is important.We have more responsibility to help people and things in need and let more people know that anyone can be a champion to save the ocean.”We call on people to love and protect our Marine environment.Who could not love such an ageless male god with such love and beauty?