On January 28, Zheng ‘an County Meteorological Station issued a yellow warning of “Level III/severe” for road icing

2022-07-10 0 By

Zhengan County observatory on January 28, 19:53 points continue to issue road ice yellow warning signal: at present my county beam yan, view, banzhu, City ping and other high altitude towns and villages temperature is less than 0℃, beam yan, banzhu higher terrain with road ice;It is expected that there will be sleet or light snow in the cloudy day from tonight to tomorrow. The temperature will drop further, and the freezing and road icing will increase. It is suggested that relevant departments take preventive measures.The public should pay attention to traffic safety.On January 27, Zheng ‘an County meteorological Station issued a yellow warning of level III for road icing.–end–>