National fitness helps winter Olympics, winter fitness what should you do?

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Winter Olympics, the national fitness busy.With the countdown to the Winter Olympics, gradually set off the trend of national fitness, we have to go out of the house fitness exercise, enhance the body, walking, square dancing, skating, playing ice hockey and other forms of sports loved, we enjoy health and happiness in sports.Winter is the most suitable season for exercise, let’s see how the winter exercise fitness.——– >> Virtue in mind • Rui Xing World << --------01 Which sports are better for winter fitness jogging jogging is an ideal exercise which can enhance blood circulation and improve heart function;Improve blood supply to the brain and oxygen supply to brain cells, reduce cerebral arteriosclerosis.Running can also effectively stimulate metabolism, increase energy consumption, help to lose weight and fitness.For older people, running can significantly reduce muscle wasting and obesity caused by inactivity.Reduce the phenomenon of cardiopulmonary function aging;Lower cholesterol, reduce arteriosclerosis, contribute to a longer life.In recent years, scientists have also found that regular joggers are less likely to develop cancer.Hiking, persistent benefits are many, will make people refreshed, away from the state of exhaustion.But the way of walking is also very careful.Compared to other fitness activities, walking should be the easiest to achieve.Walking style: the effect is to relieve stress.Each time about 2 km, walking frequency 50 ~ 70 steps per minute, 3 ~ 5 times a week, relaxed gait.Walk with your head, shoulders, hips, knees and feet in a straight line, in a position called "spine balance" for the entire walk.Striding style: the effect is to strengthen bones and muscles.Each time 2-3 km, not less than 100 steps per minute, 4 to 5 times a week, to increase stride length.Race - walking: the effect is to control weight.No less than 3km each time and no less than 100 steps per minute.Race walk, to use the strength of the whole body, each step by 10 toes hair force, increase swing hip, make people have a feeling of upward, not less than 4 ~ 5 times a week.It reduces the likelihood of high blood pressure, diabetes, cholecystitis, heart disease and obesity.Quick step: the effect is to promote heart health.Each time 2-3 km, about 120 steps per minute, 3 to 4 times a week.Cycling Cycling can prevent brain aging, improve heart and lung function, exercise lower limb muscle strength and enhance overall endurance.Cycling has the same endurance effect on internal organs as swimming and running.This exercise not only makes lower limbs hip, knee, ankle 3 pairs of joints and 26 pairs of muscles benefit, but also can make neck, back, arm, abdomen, waist, groin, hip and other muscles get exercise.When riding a bicycle, because be in periodic aerobic exercise, make exerciser consumes more heat, can receive remarkable effect reducing weight.Skiing to master the right skiing method, practice 1 ~ 2 times a week, perseverance, will play a very good fitness effect.Skiing, like running and swimming, belongs to aerobic fitness and can enhance heart and lung function.Skiing is a full-body sport that can exercise and improve the nervous system in all aspects.While providing speed enjoyment, it can also exercise balance, coordination and flexibility.In the process of skiing, it is necessary to cooperate with each joint of the body to complete.Therefore, skiing for the human head, neck, hand, wrist, elbow, arm, shoulder, waist, leg, knee, ankle and other joints, can play a good role in exercise, activate the stiff body, make the body more flexible, reduce excess fat.What are the benefits of 02 winter sports 1, improve the cold resistance of the body to participate in sports in winter, not only can exercise, enhance physical fitness, but also can exercise the strong will of the body is not afraid of cold, improve the cold resistance of the body, enhance the ability to resist various diseases.As the saying goes, "winter exercise 39" is the winter people summed up in the long-term exercise of valuable experience.Exercise in winter can speed up blood circulation, increase the heat produced by the body and improve people's ability to keep out the cold.So people who insist on winter exercise, cold resistance ability than ordinary people enhance 8~10 times.2, improve the body resistance winter exercise is best carried out outdoors, so that the body will continue to be stimulated by cold air, human hematopoietic function has obvious changes, the body to resist disease ability enhancement."If you move in winter, there will be less illness;Winter lazy a lazy, drink a bowl of medicine "said is this truth.3, sports can make human bones stronger winter physical exercise, accept the sunlight, ultraviolet rays in the sun can not only kill human skin, clothes on the bacteria, great health benefits.Because often participate in sports, is also good for bone health, especially in the growth period of teenagers, more should be in the winter of moderate exercise, according to the survey, often participate in sports than do not participate in sports activities of the person's height is 4~8 cm higher.4, moderate exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease during the winter season is disease of heart head blood-vessel, regular exercise, to slow the heart rate of the static idle and exercise, this greatly reduces the working time of the heart, can increase the heart function, keep clear of the coronary artery blood flow, myocardial more need of nutrition supply, reduce the risk of heart disease.And exercise increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, which has a positive effect on eliminating fatigue caused by long-term work in the brain, enhancing memory and improving learning efficiency.Exercising in a colder environment burns more calories because the body has to expend more energy to keep it warm, and the number of calories burned during exercise increases slightly when a warm body touches or breathes in cold air.Moderate exercise in winter increases the rate of fat consumption, and the body consumes about 3-7% more calories than usual.1. Keep warm for joints. Patients with bad joints can do hot compress for about 15 minutes each time to avoid scalding.But to avoid the acute inflammatory attack stage, acute inflammatory attack stage is manifested as joint swelling, fever and even redness, this time is not suitable for hot compress, otherwise it will aggravate the inflammatory response.In winter, you can wear warm kneepads. Do not wear poor elasticity and tight kneepads.Too tight knee pads are easy to aggravate blood circulation disorders, and even edema of the lower leg.At the same time, if you wear elastic knee pads for a long time, there will be waste of the muscles and ligaments around the joint, which is not conducive to the recovery of joint diseases.2, strengthen the strength of the quadriceps cold stimulation will lead to the decline of muscle contraction around the joint, and the quadriceps muscle is the largest and most powerful muscle in the human body, composed of four parts, at the same time with the role of knee extension and hip flexor, has a strong role in stabilizing the knee joint.Many studies have found that quadriceps femoris muscle strength training under aerobic conditions can improve motor function well, slow down the progress of osteoarthritis, and have mild analgesic effect, its effect and analgesic drugs and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs of the same effect.3, avoid bad exercise and life habits the knee joint is weight-bearing joint, excessive repeated high strength weight-bearing will aggravate the wear of articular cartilage, especially the wear of patellofemoral joint, so as to appear the symptoms of arthritis.In daily life, long time climbing stairs, climbing mountains, squatting and kneeling, running, these are actions that increase joint burden, should be avoided as far as possible.In winter, joints and ligaments are stiff, so we must warm up before participating in sports, so that muscles and ligaments can be fully stretched and then "work" to avoid the occurrence of sports injuries.Winter season, if adhere to the appropriate physical exercise, not only can nourish lung qi, but also conducive to enhance the immune function of tissues and organs and the body's ability to resist cold stimulation outside.Winter sports should be relaxed and gentle, activities are not much, such as skiing, jogging, hiking, cycling and other outdoor sports, as well as hot yoga, swimming, pilates and other indoor events.Appropriately reduce mountaineering, ball games, in order to prevent excessive exercise ambassador immunity, induced cold, pneumonia and other diseases.