Limited edition 99 BMW 8 series limited collection model official picture released

2022-07-10 0 By

Recently, BMW released the official image of the limited edition BMW 8 Series. The new car is a limited edition model created by BMW and Jeff Koons (famous American artist). Only 99 cars will be released worldwide.In terms of appearance, the new car is built based on BMW 8 Series, and many artistic elements are added in details. For example, the body integrates 11 different appearance colors, such as blue, silver, yellow and black, with a strong pop art atmosphere.In addition, the official revealed that the appearance of the body is sprayed with special computer programs and laser projection technology, the details of the process is very complicated, so only two units can be produced each week.In the interior, the details of the new car are engraved with the signature of the artist. The color of the seats is red + blue, which is the color of BMW M series, which also shows the identity and status of the new car.In addition, each new car comes with a signed certificate from Jeff Koons and Ziptzer, BMW’s chairman, with a vehicle identification number that highlights the rarity of the limited collection model.