Life, by me not by day, happiness, by heart not by environment

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Life, by me not by day, happiness, by heart not by environment.The REINS can only hold the bowed horse, the fates can only rule those who obey their fate.If you are strong enough and brave enough, you can break the chains of doom and gain a new birth of freedom.Happiness is a sweet feeling, need to feel with your heart.No matter how strong the sun is, it does not warm a dark heart, and no matter how superior the environment is, it does not make a numb person happy.Wednesday, good morning!Sooner or later, you have to get used to loneliness, no one will take you as treasure to protect, and then big difficult to smile in the face, even if it is loaded.To the person should learn to be unfeeling, should roll roll, should stay stay, but you also should learn to cherish, bosom friend is not much, do you really want to be left alone?Remember to forget, do not live in the past, do not be so capricious, naive;A person, but also beautiful to live.Wednesday morning happy happy!Positive people like the sun, according to where bright;Negative people are like the moon.Attitude is everything.Your future depends on your attitude: your character determines your destiny.Have what kind of character, have what kind of life.It is said that there are three great blessings in life: a good teacher when you go to school;I met a good teacher at work.Find a good mate when you start a family.Wednesday, good morning!On the road of life, we are all running, we are always catching up and being surpassed.The essence of life: is to enjoy the scenery along the way, is to reach the distant end;The secret of life: find a most suitable for their own speed, not because of disease and unbearable burden, not because of slow and empty life;The happiness of life: go your own way, see your own scene, beyond others not satisfied, beyond others do not lose ambition.Wednesday, good morning!Can’t go out, in front of you is your world;Get out there and the world is in front of you!Man is a product of his environment and culture;Environment can change people, culture can make people;Amateurs become professionals, learning is the bridge!If you don’t take the time to create the life you want, you’ll be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with the life you don’t want!Fight in the present, win in the future!Good morning!Wednesday morning happy happy!Tell yourself when you are sad, bad things will be in the past.Life is not a race, but a journey. Learn to appreciate each part of it.Sow a good thought, reap a conscience;Sow a conscience, reap a morality;Sow a moral, reap a habit;Sow a habit, reap a character;Sow a character, reap a life.Wednesday, good morning, friend!There is no perfect thing in the world. There is no need to waste a lot of energy looking for something that doesn’t exist.It is better to cherish and grasp the beautiful life now than to pursue the illusory things persistently for a lifetime.When we put aside the illusion and illusion of pursuing perfection, the harvest may be happiness buried in ordinary and simple life.Wednesday, good morning!We will meet a lot of people in life, most of the life will not accompany you to the end, they will get off in the train stop, and then pass by from your world, never see again.99 percent of people go, just to leave you for the 1 percent who know you.There is always a person, can let the lonely desert out of a carefully caressed rose.Wednesday, good morning!The most important thing in life is not happiness or misfortune, but whether happiness or misfortune, is to keep the integrity and dignity of life.Being a human being is more important than career and love. No matter how successful you may be in fame and love, if you fail as a human being, you have failed in life as a whole.Wednesday, good morning, friend!Life is a big drama, in which we love to make a mistake, that is, always hope for tomorrow, but often miss today.The past can’t be repeated, the future is unpredictable, the only thing we can do is not to let today become tomorrow’s regret.Every step we take should be precious.Wednesday, good morning, friend!11, people are forced out, human potential is infinite, content with the status quo, you will be phased out, force yourself, breakthrough, you will create a miracle, do not say to yourself “impossible”, the direction of the tree, the wind decided;The direction of people, you decide.Wednesday morning happy happy!Really let a person become a good choice, the process is not very comfortable.You get up early in the morning when you know lying in bed is more comfortable.You follow your dreams knowing it would be easier to do nothing.That’s life. You’ve got to get on with it.Wednesday, good morning, friend!