China’s top ten embroidery | Chinese traditional craft

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Chinese embroidery, also known as silk embroidery or needle embroidery, is one of China’s excellent traditional handicrafts.It is the process of using embroidery needles to guide the color line, embroidering and conveying needles on textiles according to the design pattern, and forming patterns with embroidery traces.Q: What are the top ten embroideries in China?A: Su embroidery, Hunan embroidery, Yue embroidery, Shu embroidery, Beijing embroidery, Lu Embroidery, Bian Embroidery, ou embroidery, Hang embroidery, Han embroidery.Suzhou Embroidery is the general name of Suzhou embroidery products.Originated in Suzhou Wuxian, later spread to Wuxi, Changzhou and other places.Embroidery is inseparable from sericulture and silk reeling, so it is also called silk embroidery.Suzhou embroidery has the unique style of beautiful design, ingenious design, meticulous embroidery, lively needlework and elegant color, with strong local characteristics.Hunan embroidery is the general name of hunan embroidery products with distinct Xiangchu cultural characteristics centered in Changsha, Hunan province.It is a folk craft with the characteristics of Hunan Chu culture created by the industrious and intelligent working people of the Han nationality in the long development of human civilization history.Hunan embroidery is good at silk embroidery.Embroidered suede patterns have a sense of reality.It has the reputation of “embroider can produce fragrance, embroider bird can listen, embroider tiger can run, embroider person can convey spirit”.Yue Embroidery is the general name of handmade silk embroidery produced in Chaozhou and Guangzhou.Including Chaozhou embroidery and Guangxiu embroidery, it is one of the four famous embroideries in China.Guangxiu, one of guangxiu, was originally created by the Li ethnic minority.The ancient embroiderers were mostly men from Chaozhou and Guangzhou, which is rare in the world.There are various embroidery products of Yue embroidery, including quilt covers, pillow cases, bed lintel, shawls, turbans, embroidered clothes, shoes and hats, and costumes, as well as mirror screens, drapes and banners.Shu embroidery, also known as Chuan embroidery, is a traditional Chinese technique of embroidering patterns on silk or other fabrics with silk threads.It mainly refers to the embroidery in the plain area of western Sichuan centered on Chengdu.Shu embroidery was first recorded in the Western Han Dynasty and its craft was quite mature at that time.At the same time, inherited the characteristics of bright colors and common red and green colors.Jing Embroidery, also known as Gong Embroidery, is an ancient traditional Embroidery craft of the Han nationality. It is the general name of embroidery products centered in Beijing.Ming and Qing dynasties began to flourish, mostly used for palace decoration, clothing, exquisite materials, exquisite workmanship, elegant style.Beijing embroidery is the crystallization of the wisdom and artistic creativity of the ancient Han laboring people.Lu Embroidery lu embroidery is an ancient traditional embroidery skill of the Han nationality, belonging to the embroidery products produced in Shandong Province.The style of Lu embroidery is quite unique.Mostly with dark flower fabric as the bottom lining, with color strong twist double layer clothing line for embroidery line.Mandarin duck, butterfly and hibiscus flower are popular among Han people, and lotus flower is the theme.Embroidery products include not only clothing items but also decorative calligraphy and painting works.Bian Xiu Bian xiu has a long history and is known as a “national treasure”.Known for its exquisite embroidery, fine needlework, rigorous patterns, elegant style and gorgeous colors, it enjoyed a national reputation as early as the Song Dynasty.Ou embroidery, also known as color curtain, is a traditional art form in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, developed from traditional Chinese embroidery.European embroidery is one of China’s famous export embroidery products.It is not only treasured by the state, but also given as a national gift.Ou embroidery is a kind of embroidery technology that has gradually developed from the decoration of daily articles.The early embroidery products included god robes, clothing, hand ornaments, etc., and later expanded to the embroidery of landscapes, figures, animals, calligraphy, etc., which had high ornamental value and decorative effect.Ou embroidery is one of the best embroidery techniques in China.Hangzhou Embroidery, one of the outstanding traditional crafts of the Han nationality, reached its peak in the Southern Song Dynasty.Han embroidery is one of the traditional embroidery techniques of the Han nationality. It is based on chu embroidery, combined with the advantages of various embroidery methods of the north and south, combined with the new embroidery method with distinct local characteristics.Embroidery is one of the most representative traditional handicrafts in China.Through the innovation and development of various dynasties, it has its own characteristics and is deeply loved by people all over the world.