China stock market: I hope a-shares will straighten your spine!22.1.27 early

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Yesterday the last hour of the market volume up, the external stock market mixed, the news is more or less empty, the overall bias is positive.Today, the market should be slightly higher open or flat open, on the attack when concerned about the pressure near 3470 points, strong pressure near 3484 points;Watch support around 3437 on pullback, strong support around 3420.In the evening market, there are three major news affecting today’s market: first, guizhou plate is favorable and good financial Union on January 26, supporting Guizhou to break new ground in the development of western China in the new era and promoting the inland open economic pilot zone;Build and upgrade to give full play to the advantages of origin and main production area of maotai-flavor liquor in Chishui River basin, and build an important liquor production base in China.The news is mainly positive for Guizhou Maotai and Guizhou-related sectors, such as liquor, traditional Chinese medicine and digital economy.Liquor main refers to Kweichow Moutai, Kweichow Moutai weight accounted for a large, once kweichow Moutai rose sharply to drive the Shanghai index higher.Now can the key is the market quantity is not big, the court money chasing liquor, the subject shares will appear the price scissors is foundation in the central fund purchase boom, according to the announcement from the date of publication of the company will be in 30 days with its own capital subscription china-eu medical health fund, the fund of medical treatment innovation amounted to 50 million yuan, the fund manager glen has purchased 2 million yuan,And hold more than three years.Hua ‘an fund investment is not less than 50 million, from the purchase of its partial stock fund.It is good for medicine and new energy.The Federal Reserve says it may raise interest rates in March and will hold at least one meeting after the first hike to make a decision on its balance sheet.Wait for the weather!On the basis of A big rise in the United States, the close turned down again, now the Federal Reserve boots or hanging on my head, I hope A shares stand up your spine!Technology, the market after long Yin, yesterday a drop-off stabilization, low should be recent lows yesterday, news uncertainty, later the market back to trample over and over again yesterday near the lows, chase after go up, while the broader market after tumbling, short-term rebound in the end, then red envelopes of two days of harvest time, suggest that everyone shares stay up primarily as a whole.Say below subject 1, digital economy today one of the most likely to rebound is the direction of the digital economy without, there are two days on the holiday, big money won’t be able to launch a new theme, continue to focus on the zhongke information today: logic made it clear yesterday, get friends, at least, there are eight points more than meat, direct lock up, still have a chance!Gaohong Shares: we have broken down the logic in detail to develop the digital economy, how can we get less policy support for Guizhou;Last night finally ushered in good news!Although this good news came a little late, but eventually came, and good enough level!Since we of the family. Instead of G and the development and construction of thinking is this: whatever development, is the first pilot again, first have to set a benchmark in one place, so, big data/measure of digital economy, it must belong to guizhou updated shares today big probability have hope, I always suggest you pattern, hold friend today is going to eat meat!!!!Guiguang network: the company shares in the East number west (Guizhou) Industry Co., LTD. 30% equity, today not high can be concerned about, low, low risk!2, track stock return to the track direction, low in green energy (green electricity/wind/storage/uhv) as the leading factor, lead the market repair in carbon peak under the situation of carbon neutral task, green energy is a subject of speculation for a long time, and since the second half of last year, the track direction after a wave of monthly level depth correction, has now returned to the area at the bottom,From the general trend, the lower floating space is not big, but still in the mood, has not reversed into a rising form of stocks, wind power plate trading six:Points can be found, before the harden, most of them are at the bottom of the state of sideways, so has gained stabilises, but at the same time, even stopped yesterday, a lot of stocks or under the suppression of the 20 line, so now can only be defined as Yun potential at the bottom of the stage, to reverse into a rising trend also need time to confirm the above individual stocks,The pioneers of the day were Daijin Heavy Industry co., LTD and Henggrun Co., LTD. Daijin Heavy Industry Co., LTD was the first to rise by the daily limit, followed by Henggrun Co., LTD. By comparison, it can be found that Henggrun Co., LTD is among these stocks with the smallest correction range during the same period, which may represent the soundedness of its fundamentals. Interested friends can also go to study Zhongtian Technology:The bright spot of this ticket is low valuation + many concepts, 5G, lithium battery and data center, etc., are related to the institution also entered yesterday, you can track and see the morning said so much, I wish you all good luck to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Dragon Yu ah