Biden noticed something was wrong when a Japanese charter plane left China in the countdown to the closing of the Beijing Winter Olympics

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Unconsciously, more than 10 days have passed since the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the countdown has begun to the closing ceremony, which is expected to be held on February 20.Now that some events are over, many athletes are preparing to leave China or have already taken chartered flights.As Japan and other countries prepare to take chartered flights out of China, some athletes who have come to China to compete in the games have shared what they have seen and heard during their stay on social media platforms. Many of the athletes have expressed their thanks to China and praised China’s various safeguards.It can be seen that China has done its best to make sure that its athletes can enjoy the sport.It wasn’t until the Japanese athletes said the U.S. was looking for ways to discredit the Beijing Olympics before the events, claiming that athletes carrying personal devices could be subject to Chinese surveillance, that Biden knew something was wrong.Japanese curler Tomomi Yoshida recently posted a selfie of herself on social media.The athlete said that he had participated in three Winter Olympics, but this is the first time she saw snow in the Winter Olympics.In addition, some Japanese media pointed out that for China and Japan, the Beijing Winter Olympics is an opportunity for the two countries to build close relations.In addition to Japanese athletes praising China, China is also showing its enthusiastic side to Japanese athletes.Yuzuru Hanyu, a well-known Figure skater from Japan, has a large following in China, which is conducive to the friendship between the two countries.In addition, the volunteers of the Tokyo Olympics also sent their best wishes to the volunteers of the Beijing Winter Olympics.It is worth noting that Back when Japan hosted the Tokyo Olympic Games, China offered strong support to Japan through various means including epidemic prevention measures.It can be seen that sports events have become a bridge of friendly exchanges between China and Japan, and the Beijing Winter Olympics may also become an opportunity for the improvement of sino-Japanese relations.On February 14, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin pointed out that both the Tokyo Olympics and the Beijing Winter Olympics are sporting events held amid the COVID-19 pandemic.In the face of the challenges posed by the epidemic, it is all the more precious for mankind to work together, build friendship and light the torch of hope.As a matter of fact, china-japan relations have been in a lukewarm state due to various factors such as historical disputes and sino-US game.In recent years, some right-wing politicians in Japan have constantly denied history and tried to link up with the United States to contain China’s rise, which has negatively affected China-Japan relations.However, what China and Japan cannot ignore is that the two countries have extensive cooperation space, and the stability of bilateral relations will directly affect the regional situation.Therefore, the establishment of friendly and stable diplomatic relations between China and Japan is of great importance to both countries and even the region.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu