Who deleted a bad review I wrote for a store?

2022-07-09 0 By

In mid-August 2021, police in Yiwu, Zhejiang province received complaints from people that they had given bad reviews to goods they bought on a shopping website due to quality problems.However, not two days later, he went up to see, their evaluation information has been deleted!The man was so angry that he called the police.After receiving the police situation, Yiwu City public Security Bureau network security brigade immediately launched an investigation, actually really follow the lead, dug out a dedicated shop to provide such services “network water army” gang.After investigation, the police found some technology limited company has major suspicion, and locked the criminal gang headed by Huang mou, Liu Mou.Relying on the opportunity of the company’s e-commerce training, the gang accumulated a large number of precise customer resources, and took advantage of the new e-commerce eager to attract traffic and improve sales, targeted recommendation paid deletion of bad reviews, change the sales volume of goods, improve the level of shops and other illegal businesses, from which they made huge profits.Originally, the suspect Huang, Liu in the company main e-commerce training, in daily communication, a lot of students put forward how to improve their store reputation and sales.Huang, Liu and others took the opportunity to “delete bad comments” “change sales” and “drill up” to improve shop ratings and other illegal business to them and profit from it.Change sales volume: the actual sales of the goods are very poor or even zero to show the illusion of sales over ten thousand.Drilling: through the brush will improve the credibility of the shop.Delete negative comments: force e-commerce management to delete negative comments from consumers through massive appeals.In a word: are through the “network water army” gimmick illegal to achieve the purpose.In order to better division of labor cooperation, “to attract business”, the company many people involved, a group of “colleagues” in the road of illegal crime more and more far.In this way, many consumers see a large number of online sales, high praise, high stars, naturally easy to make wrong judgments, and ultimately achieve the purpose of selling goods.According to Liu’s confession, “delete bad comments” is charged by the article, “change sales” is charged according to different platforms, the more sales changed, the higher the charge.And “up drill” to improve shop reputation level is also based on the level of charge.According to the company, administrators, middlemen, operators and other levels of illegal income, belonging to a middleman liu in addition to the basic salary, the rest of the illegal income from “delete bad reviews” and other businesses.At present, Liu mou and other 9 people have been taken criminal compulsory measures by the police in accordance with the law, is waiting for the transfer of prosecution.Doing business is not easy but also should not hope in illegal means to organize the network “brush” “delete bad review” organization to competitors “anti-brush” organization network brush fictitious promotion amount…Instead of bringing good business, it is suspected of illegal crimes. In business, quality and integrity are still the key to success