The people’s Liberation Army daily on Jan. 27

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Good morning, people of PLA Daily. Today is Thursday, January 27th. Let’s take a look at the highlights of today’s PLA Daily.Approved by Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), the Central Military Commission (CMC) has issued a decision on strengthening military personnel in the new Era.For details, please refer to the headline “Issued by the Central Military Commission”.Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the first Global Media Innovation Forum on Jan 26.Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to the icebreakers 2022 Chinese New Year celebration hosted by the 48 Group Club, the China-Britain Business Council and the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK in London on Jan. 26.The General Office of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has issued opinions on establishing the Principal Responsibility System under the Leadership of Party organizations in Primary and Secondary Schools (Trial), and issued a notice requiring all localities and departments to earnestly implement the system in light of actual conditions.Please pay attention to the first edition of the third edition of “On the Establishment of primary and secondary School Party leadership of the Principal Responsibility system (Trial)”.Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe held a video conversation with Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Defense Minister Khalid Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on May 26, 2016.Soldiers assigned to the Hongshanzui Border Defense Company under the PLA Air Command patrol on snowmobiles in Altay, Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Jan. 24, 2018.Enter the expert phalanx, won the rocket Force “ten sharpen sword vanguard”, become the leader of the scientific and technological innovation team……Rocket Army deputy director Yang Biwu with a growth trajectory, the interpretation of this dream.Please pay attention to version 1 to version 3 “But for Shenzhou Li Long Sword”.Keep an eye on the front page.Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday presided over a video summit marking the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and five Central Asian countries in Beijing.Many people believe that President Xi jinping summed up experience and looked into the future in his speech, pointing out the successful blueprint of cooperation between China and the five Central Asian countries over the past 30 years, drawing up a blueprint for an even closer China-Central Asian community with a shared future, and guiding and injecting impetus into a brighter future of China-Central Asian relations.Arabian Sea, January 25 (Local time) — Chinese naval frigates Urumqi and Taihu arrived in waters in the northern Arabian Sea on January 24 to participate in china-Russia joint anti-piracy exercises.Chinese and Russian naval vessels take part in a drill.Wu Qian, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, announced on April 26:Upon the request of the kingdom of tonga about volcanic disaster relief, the Chinese army to overcome the disadvantages, such as ash, air transport aircraft, naval vessels, on January 27 and 31, in two batches shipped to tonga, food, drinking water, water purifiers, tents, mobile houses, tractors, radio communications equipment and other emergency and post-disaster reconstruction.The Chinese side will continue to do its best to provide assistance in all forms in light of The disaster response and reconstruction needs of Tonga.China speaks highly of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s positive support for the Beijing Winter Olympics, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said Thursday.I wish the Athletes of all countries, including the Russian athletes, more achievements and shine at the Beijing Olympic Games.Huang Luqi, deputy director of China’s National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Cambodian Health Minister Manben Henh signed an agreement on Sending a Chinese medical team to Cambodia to work in Phnom Penh on Thursday.Please pay attention to the above content in version 2.In order to strengthen the protection and management of martyrs’ memorial facilities, inherit and carry forward the spirit of heroes and patriotism, and better play the role of martyrs’ memorial facilities as red resources to praise heroes and educate future generations, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs recently issued the newly revised Measures for the Protection and Management of Martyrs’ Memorial Facilities (hereinafter referred to as the Measures).For details, please refer to the 3rd edition of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs Revision.On January 26, the first Global Media Innovation Forum was held in Beijing.Huang Kunming, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, read a congratulatory letter from President Xi Jinping and delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.The General Offices of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television have issued a guideline on further regulating the professional behavior and management of social activities of broadcasters.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the 909 Hospital selected 35 experts to form a medical team and sent them to the troops in southern Fujian, western Fujian, eastern Guangdong and other places to deliver medicine and warmth to the officers and soldiers at the posts in the high mountains and islands, so that everyone could feel at ease during the festival.In the winter of Xinjiang, the cold is thick, the hearts of the villagers in Yiganqi Township yuke Qiaogetale village are warm.24 years ago, a regiment of the Southern Xinjiang Military Region and the village pair construction.After comprehensive help, the village has been lifted out of poverty in advance, and now the average annual income of the villagers is nearly 20,000 yuan.A media briefing for the chief film director of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was held in Beijing, Capital of China, Jan 26, 2018.Lu Chuan, chief director, introduced the production team and creative concept of the official film for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Please pay attention to the above content in version 3.Winter season, the 78th Group Army brigade coach training team a multi-subject coherence assessment is about to start.After getting the assessment plan, LAN Lixin, a member of the training team, was surprised: the subjects he prepared for the examination at the moment almost did not take an examination, but the subjects he practiced less at ordinary times were the key points of the assessment.For more details, please check out the 4th edition of “The Trick to Win by”.At the sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, President Xi jinping stressed the need to strictly strengthen education management and supervision, guide young officials to be loyal and honest to the Party, firm in their ideals and beliefs, keep in mind their original mission, treat power correctly, always respect and self-examination, strictly observe discipline, laws and regulations, and buckle the “first button” of clean politics.This requirement reflects the unity of strict control and kindness, which is worth every young cadre’s attention and vigilance.A + – SOLDIERS assigned to a brigade with the 71st Group Army prepare for a flight training exercise on January 13, 2017.”Thanks to the help of the unit, the problem at home was finally solved!”On the eve of the Spring Festival, the problem of land expropriation and demolition in the home was solved smoothly. Wu Shancheng, assistant engineer of a brigade of the 74th Group Army, came to the legal service station specially to express his gratitude.In the middle of January, in the armed police Jiangxi Headquarters fuzhou branch of the grass-roots two-way seminar, mobile squadron sergeant Yuan Oqin on behalf of the grass-roots officers and men put forward the relevant questions, so that the present cadres face burning.In mid-January, Xiao Li, the backbone of a Marine Corps umbrella training brigade, returned to her post as an umbrella training instructor with full confidence after receiving one-to-one psychological counseling.At the beginning of the New Year, the brigade has actively carried out mental health tour services for officers and soldiers in accordance with their psychological characteristics and mission needs.A + – A PLA navy landing ship battalion under the PLA Eastern Theater Command exercises a combat landing ship under the PLA Eastern Theater Command on January 19, 2017.Please pay attention to the above content in version 4.For the soldiers of the sixth company of a brigade of the 77th Group Army, the “first fire” on the new annual training ground was ignited by company commander Wei Yunsheng.That day, the company organized the first armed 3km assessment after the New Year training, “one does not lag behind, rush through the finish line together!”Before the examination, the shouts of the soldiers rang through the training ground.For details, please pay attention to the 5th edition of “Honor Defense of a meritorious company”.The “Combat Model Company” followed the armored assault group to charge the “enemy” forward positions.Wen Su Yi opened 6 editions of “soldier cultivation” invite you to read “buckle good clean politics” “every step of the” chess “” to avoid low efficiency busy” “efforts in learning” “not afraid of difficult · not afraid of · not afraid of not difficult” and other articles.The generation and release of combat effectiveness is the result of the comprehensive action of many factors and reflects the construction level of military theory, military science and technology, military personnel and military management.Entering the information age, operational theories and styles have undergone profound changes, as have the internal conditions and external environment for the generation and release of combat capabilities.To win the future war, we must pay close attention to the changes of science and technology, wars and adversaries, explore the characteristics of combat power generation and release in the information age, and seek the scientific path of combat power generation and release.For details, please refer to the 7th edition of The Scientific Path to Combat Generation and release.Today’s 7th edition of “Military Forum” also brings you articles such as “A Brief discussion on the Innovative application of Operational Concepts”, “Perspective on the World of Operational Theory”, “Integrating quasi-infantry into the Task orientation of joint operations” and so on.We look forward to your attention.Not long ago, listening to the praise of grass-roots officers and men, xinjiang military region a regiment logistics support unit chief Yang Wei heart is not the taste.Why is that?It turned out that a clothes hanger in a company on duty outside the regiment was damaged, causing inconvenience to the officers and soldiers.After receiving the report, the authorities immediately sent people to drive several kilometers to solve the problem, only to find that the screws on the clothes rack rusted and fell off.Maintenance personnel immediately went to a hardware store not far away to buy and install, only a few yuan, the drying clothes back to normal use.For more details, please pay attention to the 8th edition of “Why do you have to solve the problems of institutions when a few yuan can do it”.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the “Night Tiger Company” of a brigade under the 80th Group Army organized the shooting and production of New Year greetings videos and sent them to their families in a timely manner.The above content please pay attention to version 8.In mid-January, the Heilongjiang Provincial military Area Command (CMC), located in northern Xinjiang, carried out a live-armed national defense mobilization exercise in the forest and snowy fields.Open 9 “image” invite you to see “Heilongjiang Military Area Defense mobilization drill footage”.8.1 percent — China’s GDP topped 114 trillion yuan in 2021, up 8.1 percent year on year.China’s economy has continued to recover steadily, and China has maintained its leading position in the world in economic development and epidemic prevention and control, delivering a performance that has exceeded expectations.For more details, please refer to the 10th edition of “Stability” and “Progress” of China’s economy.More than 100 snow lovers took part in the snow tug-of-war, snow racing and snowfield football competitions to welcome the Winter Olympics at the Tieshan Temple Ski Resort in Xuyi county, Huai ‘an city, Jiangsu Province.The U.S. Navy has begun testing unmanned sailboats in the waters off Jordan after the Russian military’s Dagger hypersonic weapon system successfully completed tests in the Arctic.At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the US, Russia and other major military powers made frequent moves in the research and development of new weapons and equipment.It is not hard to find that in recent years, with the continuous progress of global science and technology, a large number of cutting-edge technologies have been applied to the military field, a new round of world military science and technology revolution is surging, and the shape of war is quietly changing.For details, please pay attention to the 11th edition of a new round of World Military Scientific and technological Revolution.Russian naval vessels test-fired the Zircon hypersonic missile.Open today 12 edition of the “Long March supplement” invites you to read “for you to send the winter sun warm”, “the song in the heart of the loyal guard”, “pour into the fire general enthusiasm”, “snow edge true feelings surging” and other articles.