The most beautiful ancient poetry | 6 sea poetry, write as magnificent posture

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“Watching the Tide” Lu You Jiang Ping windless surface as a mirror, the afternoon building ship sailing shadow is.Suddenly see a thousand feet surging tao head, moving Lao Tze by beam hing.The top of the storm thunder mountain tilt, the river is mirror flat.Always spectacular although a fast, as sail reflected castle peak line.I do not know the number of contacts, used to see the purchase of official ferry.Yungen small building fortunately can return, not for the old name on the road.Qiantang Deng Zhangting Meng Haoran 100 li thunder earthquake, Ming string drop.Even riding out of the house, the river to watch the tide.According to the autumn clouds, floating sky Bo Xie wide.The waves come like snow, a sitting cold.View of the sea Cao Cao east facing jieshi, to view the sea.Water Dan Dan Ho ho heave island.Trees are thick with grass.The autumn wind is bleak and the waves are surging up.The sun and the moon, if out of it;The stars are brilliant, if out of its.What a blessing!Song to chant..”Read Nu Jiao · Red Cliff nostalgic” Su Shi great river east, the waves washed out, through the ages.So base west, humanity is, The Three Kingdoms Zhou Lang Chibi.Rocks collapse clouds, waves crack shore, rolled up thousands of piles of snow.Jiangshan picturesque, how many heroes in the past.At that time, Little Joe was married.We will talk and laugh in our free time, and the smoke will vanish.Motherland fugue, affectionate should laugh at me, early born Hua fa.It is like a dream, a pillow but also a sprinkling, but only a sprinkling.A sea of water, know where to go?The past millennium, Wei Wu whip, east linjieshi has a legacy.Bleak autumn wind is now, for the world.”Miscellaneous song song words · wave rush sand” Liu Yuxi jiuqu Yellow River ten thousand li sand, waves tao several winnowing from the horizon.Now go straight to the Milky Way, to the home of the Goddess Altair and Weaver.Luoshui Bridge edge spring slanting, biliu light shallow see Qiongsha.Gratuitous stranger gust, startled yuanyang out of spray.Bian water east flow tiger eye text, qinghuai xiaose duck head spring.You see the ferry tao sand, but the number of people across the world.A sand wave on parrot Island head, a brotches spring sun is going down.Bit mud swallow for home, alone crazy husband do not recall home.Flowers on both sides of the River were washing sand in the spring breeze.The girl cut the mandarin duck brocade, will flow to the sunset.Rizhao Chengzhou River fog, gold panning female companion manjiang Kuma.Beauty jewelry prince seal, full of sand waves to the bottom.In August, the roaring waves come, head high several zhang touch the mountain back.For a moment he entered the sea gate, rolling up the sand like snow.Do not slander such as deep waves, mo talk like sand.Qian Tao lu is hard, blowing as crazy sand only to gold.Water panning sand is not suspended, before the wave is not destroyed after the wave.Make a person suddenly recall Xiaoxiang Zhu, sing back to welcome god three or two.