The IPO of Greenhouse Group in Hong Kong achieved a compound annual growth rate of 32.0%

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Since entering the era of mobile Internet, the concept of traffic has been well known to the public with the rise of mobile media. The fragmented information after processing enables contemporary people to obtain current affairs information more quickly and conveniently. The opening of 5G era undoubtedly provides a high-speed green channel for Internet information dissemination.Short videos gradually replace the fragmented text information to occupy the life of Internet users, and many live broadcast and short video platforms emerge with The Times.On October 25, Huafang Group, the parent company of Huajiao Live and Liujianfang, a well-known Internet company in China, submitted its listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.The IPO of Flower House Group in Hong Kong indicates that the fierce competition in the live broadcast, short video industry will once again usher in a giant crocodile stirring the storm.According to the prospectus submitted by The Group, The Group focuses on online social entertainment and provides global users with live audio and video entertainment and social networking services. It has a diversified business portfolio ranging from live broadcast to a series of audio and video social networking products and services.It operates huajiao Live, Liujianfang and HOLLA, which focuses on overseas business, and other online social entertainment live platforms.From the financial statements released by the Greenhouse Group, it has realized the transformation from loss to huge profit in just three years.The revenue of Greenhouse Group mainly comes from the exchange of virtual goods for live broadcast products and other services of live broadcast platform, with strong revenue growth in the past three years.From 2018 to 2020, Huafang Group achieved revenue of RMB 1.993 billion, RMB 2.831 billion and RMB 3.684 billion respectively.From January to August 2021, the company achieved revenue of 2.96 billion yuan, up 25.21% from 2.364 billion yuan in the same period last year.In terms of net profit, the adjusted net profit of operating activities of Greenhouse Group showed a growing trend.From a loss of 158 million yuan in 2018 to a profit of 367 million yuan in 2020 and a profit of 260 million yuan in January-August 2021.This is enough to prove to the public that The Group in the business development of excellent strategy and strong endogenous power.For the online entertainment and social networking industry, traffic and content are the growth drivers.According to the prospectus, as of August 31, 2021, The registered users of Huafang Group reached 372 million, and the group’s monthly active users exceeded 59.9 million.According to the report of iResearch: From January 1, 2018 to August 31, 2021, the cumulative number of registered users, Huafang Group ranked first in China’s online live entertainment platform;For the eight months ended August 31, 2021, Huafang Group ranked top two among China’s online live entertainment platforms in terms of monthly active users across all channels and time spent on PC.On the whole, the revenue of Huafang Group has exceeded 8.5 billion yuan in the past three years. The continuous growth of financial data of Huafang Group proves its huge development potential in the future, and also shows that with the support of 5G communication technology, there are still huge blue ocean in the market of live broadcasting and short video, and there are still many resources to be developed by enterprises.