OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet edition will debut as the Flagship breguet 9000 chip

2022-07-09 0 By

On the morning of February 18th, OPPO official Weibo officially announced that OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet edition will be the first to carry Mediatek flagship chip Breguet 9000, running millions of minutes, the experience is strong and stable, flagship choice, one more, let people really look forward to full.According to the poster, the machine will be officially launched at 19:00 on February 24, so interested users should not miss it.OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet edition with BREguet 9000 flagship 5G chip OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet edition with BREguet 9000 flagship 5G chip under the joint adjustment of OPPO and MediaTekWe are sure to provide users with super performance, ultra-low power consumption and ultra-clear images, bringing a new flagship experience to global users.It is understood that the OPPO Find X5 series real machine adopts the classic design of one streamline, the blue color is made of plain leather material, and the black and white bright color is composed of the classic one precision ceramic body.The rear module still adopts the “crater” design, which integrates organically with the back of the fuselage. The appearance level is very high.With the solid performance and energy efficiency of the Phecda 9000 5G chip, the OPPO Find X5 Pro Phecda edition is sure to upgrade its terminal experience to new heights of top-of-the-line flagship.Mediatek’s global energy efficiency optimization technology is the key to achieving high energy efficiency of Phecas flagship. The emergence of Phecas 9000 has completely changed the competitive landscape of the flagship market and brought more diversified choices to users.OPPO and Mediatek have also cooperated for a long time, in the past to create a number of users and market favorite terminals, this time in OPPO Find X5 Pro Phecda edition of the two cooperation will bring users what surprises, please look forward to February 24 press conference, Zhongguancun online will bring you the latest news.