Kingboard JKL rapid decline in public praise, from the popularity of players to full of doubt, North Maple: bad results

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A professional player was able to become a top player, is because the discussion degree is higher, but also is a weakness, discussed some degree is higher, but the black powder is more, and in this period of time, have a player in the middle of the LPL reputation decline, speed is very serious, that is the deep cardiac JKL, said to the players,In our first impression, we must think of the popular players and the champion AD tag. JKL’s popularity among the professional players in the league of Heroes is absolutely able to rank on the number, and it is said that it can rank among the top several.JKL is not only the champion of the League of Legends global Finals, but also the champion of the LPL League. In terms of honor, JKL is definitely the best AD player in the LPL division. In the whole LPL division, North Maple said that in addition to Uzi,One of the most popular AD players will go to JKL, I believe you certainly have no opinion.The second point is more handsome, e-sports, play and grow handsome, actually in any of a professional league is very rare, JKL is not particularly high, but the face looks very handsome, throughout the LPL division, as long as it is long handsome, have certain popularity, such as music, although there is no result,And there are some black material, but the visibility is ok, there are many loyal fans.Taken together, this is why JKL is so popular.So why in this period of time, this decline in a player’s reputation is very fast, north maple as a well-known technical anchor, in those days with one hand, she played to his reputation among high segmentation, also took part in all kinds of games, such as DE Marcia cup qualifier is one of north maple in the spring game actually will prefer deep stroke,But the team surprised everyone.The reason why JKL’s reputation will decline is mainly concentrated in the non-fan group of passers-by audience, the strength of this player has been questioned, North Maple as the first Kiana recognized by the Chinese server, frankly said that JKL’s death rate in the current data is relatively high.At the same time, some fans always feel that the reason for the bad performance of Kingboard this season is not particularly big with JKL, mainly because the Zhuo performance of auxiliary players is not good, and even some want to transfer, and then the Zhuo directly discussed on the hot search, it is too fierce.So the vast audience friends are how to evaluate JKL this player?