Golden hill infant isolation point how to return a responsibility?Response from Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center

2022-07-09 0 By

Photos of an “infant isolation spot” in Shanghai’s Jinshan District have been widely discussed on social media.Photos showed infants and toddlers crammed into beds.The beds are in what appears to be a hospital corridor.Some netizens commented that the children were separated from their parents and could not be taken care of in time, “the children’s buttocks are rotten”.In response to concerns, the Shanghai refuting platform sought confirmation from authorities.On April 2, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center responded to Shanghai rumor refuting platform: the photos and videos circulating on the Internet are some scenes during the internal movement of the pediatric ward of our hospital, and are not “Jinshan infant isolation point”.The Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center said, “Due to the increase of novel coronavirus infections in paediatric children, our hospital has adjusted the paediatric ward to the outpatient and emergency department building in order to improve the inpatient environment.As the number of hospitalized children is still increasing, the need for internal ward adjustment.Pediatric patients admitted to our hospital are responsible for the pediatric hospital, children’s hospital, children’s Medical center accredited medical team, children’s medical treatment and life care is guaranteed.At present, we have organized to send more pediatric medical teams and further adjust pediatric wards, optimize admission procedures, improve ward management, strengthen communication with parents of children, and better treat pediatric patients.”Source: Shanghai network Refute rumors (Che Jiannan) Supervisor: Jing Ke Supervisor: Dong Xiao Editor: Zhou Wenjing proofread: Jia Yutao