A simple chat with Grandpa Park helped him make billions and go from bankrupt China’s richest man to millionaire

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Article | Chinese military strategy Cheng Xiao nan he is a self-made nouveau riche, the tallest peak had threatened to put guangzhou to represent their identity.After he is in debt 250 million, with “this year’s festival does not accept gifts, gifts only accept brain platinum” demon sex brainwashing brain platinum advertising to turn over at one stroke.He turned to gaming, and with “Journey” he was back among The richest people in China.He is Chinese business legend Shi Yuzhu.With a mouth, Shi Yuzhu through continuous credit, hands “a historic breakthrough in office automation” M6401 Chinese character processing system, finally on the “Computer world” advertising.As a result, in 1990, shi yuzhu, 28, was worth millions.But gloomy hour arrives too fast, 1997, capital chain is broken, giant building dumps, shi Yuzhu one night from “richest man” became “first negative”.With 250 million yuan in debt and no car or house to afford, he has been stuck in a virtual world for a while.Fortunately, with the company and encouragement of many friends, he borrowed 500,000 yuan from his friend Lv Songtao to start again and set his sights on the high-profit health care products industry.Although the blow of bankruptcy is not small, but shi Yuzhu’s business mind has not been lost.He understands the importance of user experience.Brain platinum is not in the early fire of the product, because the elderly often disrelish health care products expensive, they do not want to buy.To solve this problem, he requires the company’s managers to be in close contact with users every day, and often go to the park to chat with old people to get the most authentic and effective first-hand information.He thought from the perspective of the elderly and studied what efficacy and price of health care products they liked. Finally, he found that although the elderly were reluctant to buy them, they did not dislike them. If they were given them by their children, they were willing to use them.So he will be the main product strategy crowd from the elderly into the young, and with the Chinese traditional “gift” concept combined, choose “this year’s festival do not receive gifts, gifts only receive brain platinum” as the advertising words, repeatedly emphasize the concept of “gift”, with brainwashing effect, let a person see again can remember.In addition, he understands the importance of sticking to a position.Shi Yuzhu ever said, the collapse of giant building is because he likes to take a new form, advertising often change, in medicine, computer, software and other industries blind expansion also let their positioning repeatedly horizontal jump.So this time he clearly put forward “this advertising slogan to insist on playing, a dozen ten years can not change”.Although the AD has been criticized, the truth is that as long as people can always see the two dancing figures on TV, they will never forget brain platinum.This strategy has helped keep brain platinum ads alive in our memory for more than a decade.Determined the two basic strategies, together with Shi Yuzhu early careful research and late careful test, brain platinum success to help him hit a beautiful battle.In 2000, brain platinum became the highest sales volume of health care products, and the company also created a sales miracle of 1.3 billion yuan.Shi Yuzhu also paid off its debts in the fall of that year, shedding its reputation as China’s first negative company.Understanding the needs of users, developing marketing strategies from external thinking, and sticking to a positioning are the keys to the success of enterprises. These strategies have enabled Shi Yuzhu to make a successful recovery, and are worth repeated learning for every entrepreneur.Of 3 years stage a comeback, shi Yuzhu turns over for a time to spread a good story.He later turned to gaming and made his way back to the ranks of China’s richest people with Journey.But after the net swims, shi Yuzhu seemed suddenly Buddha fasten, had not opened a new career again.Welcome to pay attention, know the man of the moment, read the legend of military strategy.Copyright, all rights reserved.Some pictures from the network if involved in infringement, please contact to delete