131,900 yuan?Suspected Tiger 8 PRO presale price exposure is expected to be released at the end of April

2022-07-09 0 By

Chery Tiger 8 PRO is expected to be available in 9 configurations. The official pre-sale price range is suspected to be 131,900 yuan to 169,900 yuan. The new car is expected to be officially launched on April 25.In parallel with the exposure of a configuration table, from the form whole series of new standard on a 24.6 -inch curved surface double screen, cruise control, reversing radar, reversing video, hyperbolic automatic air conditioning air, 8 speakerphone, in front of the head, automatic headlight, automatic wiper, 18-inch wheels, imitation leather seats, automatic parking and electronic hand brake.The standard model adds side airbag, side air curtain, external rearview mirror electric folding, panoramic image, induction tail door, main driver seat electric adjustment, interior multi-color atmosphere, panoramic skylight, four-door window one lift and external rearview mirror electric heating.Comfort features adaptive near and far light, intelligent driver assistance, second-row aviation headrest, LED front fog lights, black and brown interior, automatic air conditioning de-foggy, front seat heating, co-pilot boss key/electric adjustment, HUD heads-up display, wireless charging and skylight atmosphere lights.Luxury, on the basis of the increase in the 4 to 235/50 R19 tyres, the main driving electric waist adjustment, parking radar, blind spot monitoring, reverse side before the warning, the front seat ventilation, main driving seat/outside rearview mirror memory, air quality control system, negative ion air purifier, the queen rides and 10 speakers brand speakers.Top-of-the-line premium models include the main driver’s knee airbag, second-row side airbag, fatigue monitoring, face recognition, Bluetooth keys, fragrance system and passenger monitoring.In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car is designed with a big mouth grille, and the interior is decorated with a point matrix structure, which has a great visual impact.The shape of the two sides of the big lamp group is relatively flat, the internal use of black processing, the style is very delicate.Both sides of the grille are also equipped with small flow channels, and the interior uses black trim to create a fang-like shape, which effectively adds a sense of movement;The front lip is also equipped with a penetrating chrome strip, effectively increasing the sense of layering.In terms of side modeling, the roof line descends slightly from b-pillar, which creates a certain sense of sport with shark fin. Chrome strips are equipped around the Windows and side skirts to create a sense of class.The waist line is segmented design, extending from the front wing to the rear of the car, so that the visual effect appears long and atmospheric;The shape of the wheel eyebrow and side skirt part is also quite robust, effectively increasing the sense of strength of the new car.In terms of tail modeling, the blackened taillight group adopts through-through modeling, which effectively stretches the transverse visual width of the rear.The license plate frame is located in the middle of the tail door, which adopts the concave design to decorate the layered sense of the rear of the car.The lower enclosure is fitted with grey chafing panels and the exhaust pipes are in a two-sided layout.In terms of interior decoration, the new car provides a through-through dual-screen, three-spoke multi-functional steering wheel and electronic handle, the style is relatively simple, and the sense of science and technology is also relatively in place.Powertrain options include 1.6T and 2.0T engines with maximum power of 197 HP and 254 HP, and peak torque of 290N·m and 390N·m, respectively. Both are matched with 7-speed dual-clutch transmissions, and the 2.0T version is also equipped with four-wheel drive.