Want to buy audi S3 look again!BMW 1 series modified version exposure, carbon fiber kit plus hold true fragrance

2022-07-08 0 By

Recently automobile yuan universe obtained a group of BMW M135i xDrive refitted version of the actual picture, this refit is by Germany famous refitted factory MANHART (MANHART) personally carry a knife, and named “MH1 350”.An upgrade to the carbon-fiber package and a new BMW logo boosted power to 350 horsepower, hence the number 350.Competitors include the Mercedes-AMG A35 and the Audi S3 Sportback.On the outside, manhart’s designers upgraded the car with an aerodynamic package, small front spades for the front bars, chrome-plated edges for the enlarged air intakes on both sides, and the BMW logo on the front was replaced with manhart’s own.Wide-body design on the sides, side skirts to further reduce ground clearance, 20-inch wheels at the bottom, and a dramatic carbon fiber rear diffuser at the rear for a sporty feel.In terms of power, the modified BMW M135i xDrive still has a 2.0-ton four-cylinder turbocharged engine, but manhart’s designers upgraded it with a new carbon-fiber bellows and exhaust system, as well as an ECU software upgrade that increased its maximum power to 257kW and peak torque to 524N·m.The new car has already surpassed the Mercedes-AMG A35 and Audi S3 Sportback in terms of performance.