“Tekken Hero” Jin Fumei was attacked east road, seriously injured coma, Chen Shancong rage

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Jin Fumei secretly investigating lu Xiangdong, everything was still smooth, Lu Xiangdong has not noticed Jin Fumei’s move.But when Kim meets her black sheep brother again, her tragic fate begins.Jin Fumei saw his brother poor and out, so he helped, but because of this, her brother knew Jin Fumei in the investigation road to the east, so he went to informant, going to get some benefits, the result is to sell jin Fumei.Lu Xiangdong know Jin Fumei in the secret investigation, he is decisive to kill.Jin Fumei although martial arts high strong, but compared to the road to the east or far.Sure enough, Jin Fumei in the road to the east under a few moves, was shot by the road to the east seriously.Originally the road to the east is to complete the results of jin Fumei, but this time, the beloved thorn and timely appeared.Lien saved Kim fu-mei and then rushed her to the hospital.Finally jin Fumei’s life is saved, but seriously injured coma, the road to the east of the secret was once again covered up in the past.For even the thorn, his relatives have been casualties, grief and anger in the heart, and he more identified the Tang Shiyong is the murderer.He is bound to catch the Tang Shi-yong, even to kill the Tang Shi-yong, so that the contradiction between the thorn and Chen Zhan-peng became irreconcilable.And this, too, was the purpose of the road eastward.