Six-year-olds can’t control cell phone time. Does constant parental supervision affect self-discipline?

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Tao Yong 6 years old children play mobile phones, every time is at home to play under the supervision of half an hour, will not be conducive to the development of children’s self-discipline?Let’s talk about why kids can’t put their phones down. First of all, you have to really understand kids to make the right judgment.The six-year-old child likes games the most, there are games in the mobile phone, first, to meet his needs for games.Second, many games in mobile phones are puzzle games, which are actually a transitional product between real life and abstract learning.At the age of seven, abstract thinking begins to take off. He is about to enter the stage of abstract learning. Mobile games or computer games are a bridge between real life and abstract concepts.It’s only natural that he should be interested in it at this time.Third, what can children do without mobile phones?Does he have any children to play with?Not really?Can he play anything else?Interesting?Does he have anyone to play with?So when there is no better choice, mobile becomes the best choice.Under these circumstances, of course, he does not develop self-discipline.Do you think you could stop giving him his phone?If he is not given a phone to play with, he will not develop self-discipline, so there is no question of self-discipline, but there must be a substitute.What are you doing without your phone?You said you could play with blocks. Would he like to play with blocks?Can he draw, can he be happy in the process of drawing?What if none of that happens?You got to give him something he can do.For example, you have to get him to want to paint, and in the process of painting he can achieve, he can improve, he can be rewarded.Let me give you a simple example: when my son was in kindergarten, he liked plants versus zombies and dinosaurs. He drew plants versus zombies.I started drawing pictures and throwing them all over the place.What’s the use of that?There is no sense of accomplishment.So I cut the A4 paper into four pieces, into little pieces of paper, and then I made a book, and he drew it page by page, like a comic strip, and then he even designed the cover and the back cover himself.At the beginning, they all imitated painting. At the beginning, they finished painting a book in a day, and then spent an hour to finish painting a book.At that time, we had a lot of his paintings of plants versus zombies. Whether he was good or not is not very good, of course, but he painted every page with a story and numbered page, and the process of his creation was very meaningful.Isn’t it?You only say that you draw, and when you draw, you say it’s good, it’s not interesting.So the child must have other choices, he will be willing to make other choices.If not, why isn’t he on his phone?You don’t play with him, and if you did, did you have a good time?Can you do something with it?Can you design the play to suit his needs?Not really.I don’t spend as much time with my little girl as I do these days, but when I do, we have a lot of fun, all kinds of weirdness, all kinds of hyperbole, all kinds of fun.Other people don’t have much to do with my little girl. They just take her to the playground, to the store, to eat. It’s not play.It doesn’t really do anything for the kids.Why are kids hard to take care of these days?Just not having enough kids.I had a friend who went to New Zealand, and he said that western Europeans think you can’t have one kid, you have to have a bunch of kids.Because all it takes to have a bunch of kids is to set rules for them, resolve their conflicts, and most of the time they’ll play by themselves.What do Chinese children play at home?There’s nothing to play with, so it’s tiring for the adults, boring for the kids, and I’m surprised he doesn’t play with his phone.Accompanied my son in early childhood and elementary school, he made a lot of things, then I wrote a book, all these things now and put it into curriculum, called “yong parenting”, mainly about my son in kindergarten and elementary stage how to accompany him, how to cultivate their various aspects ability, how to deal with school interpersonal relationship.All of these questions I really thought about and practiced in the course.What self-discipline can a six-year-old develop?Develop bottom line rules, basic life rules.Since you don’t have time to spend with your child, and you don’t have a child to play with, it’s normal that he can’t stop playing on his phone, so you need to remind him that it’s not a problem.Snow on January 21, 2022