Serie A top war horror moment staged a comedy predecessor for Inter milan to send assists

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The final moments of the serie A title game between Inter milan and Napoli were a farce that shocked the nerazzurri fans, but ended up laughing and crying.Five minutes of stoppage time was added.With the score at 1-1, in the last minute perisic fouled Jonas jonas from behind and sent a set-piece.With Napoli poised to make a final push, inter fans are worried that they will be forced to return after a number of last-gasp performances this season (Italian super cup, Coppa Italia quarter-finals).However, as the seconds ticked, Naples chose to pass back, cross and cross again to organize the final attack, so the referee held his whistle, looked at his watch and blew the final whistle.After the game, Napoli general himself also had a dispute for this, it is puzzling.Italian television pointed out that since the home team (Napoli) did not want to win and the visitors (Inter) were content with a draw, there was little point in continuing the game.Inter could be forgiven for settling for a draw.After two consecutive matches (Derby, Italian cup play roma), then there is the champions league final (Liverpool), it is a road, play better or state (after four successive premiership), physical fitness and better napoli (save your strength for a week), inter also discount coach (suspended), nature can accept a draw.In fact, after the Derby defeat, the nerazzurri “finish in February” plan was already in tatters.With a game in hand over Bologna, inter’s decision to play it safe was a bit of a corrective – they were too quick to win in the milan Derby, underestimated their opponents and were too aggressive in the second half.The nerazzurri suffered a nightmare start to the game, losing points on the penalty spot. After equalising in the second half, the Nerazzurri deliberately chose to reduce the risk, control the pace and reduce the consumption of the game.If it was to be expected that Inter chose to be conservative, it was surprising that Napoli were more unmotivated than inter.Napoli played well in the first half, winning a penalty and hitting the woodwork.At half-time, the home crowd was in a state of confidence, and pundits on western social networking sites were predicting that Inter would be beaten tonight – because inter were the undermatched side, and as the second half approached, the fitness problems would become more serious, giving Napoli the advantage.Some of the inter fans were so frustrated that they started firing: edin Dzeko for playing like an 80-year-old woman, dumfries for a goal, pippo inzaghi for being overrated, and, with some occasional praise for spalletti.However, it is surprising that the first half of the overall underperformance of inter, without substitutions, no obvious change of tactics under the premise of the second half, even the score, but also successfully “control the field”.This is thanks to Spalletti’s “assist”.With so many advantages in his hands, Spalletti chose to be extremely conservative – he cut back on attacking forces when leading, and did not try to rebuild his advantage after being equalised. At the end of the game, when Inter were unable to support themselves, Napoli chose to sacrifice the attack, retreat from the game and concede a draw.”Napoli look like the team with a game less and still lead the league, I can’t understand why they don’t want to win more than Inter!”One detail: in the 75th minute, The nerazzurri were ready to bring on Sanchez, but napoli did not pressure the nerazzurri because the nerazzurri kept their feet in the centre and back, and did not have a dead ball for more than seven minutes.Very easy to form the ball after napoli breath even in three people, turning 352, 4231 – luciano spalletti at home, the league points behind, holding a fitness advantage, but choose to give up at this moment the main formation, used to play, because of fear of being dead and strengthen the defense, attack completely sacrificing (change after napoli again failed to have a shot), his character,His coaching style came out in this moment.To be fair, inter’s form has slipped since 2021 compared to December last year, with many wins stumbling and narrow. Although they won the Italian Super Cup, they also lost the equally important Derby, exposing many problems in the process.Especially in today’s three lines of fierce competition, the premise of high intensity matches, inter after the Derby, once fell into the morale, points situation, public opinion are extremely delicate dangerous moment.At such times, inter would be better off with spalletti, a coach who has a huge advantage in the “six-point battle for the title” but is “afraid to let go”, than with a “kill you while you are sick” character.If Inter can hold their ground and take advantage of successive games against the lower halves to consolidate their position, then spalletti may look back at the end of the season as an “facilitator”.This also proves, when inter also want to fire Spalletti regardless of the cost of the practice, is reasonable.