Thursday, February 17, 2022

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J Yin first month seventeen (Renyin Renyin Xin Chou) Huang Li xin Jin gao GUI elegant, sharp and delicate, born in the spring wealth, easy to get help from nobles, conducive to the implementation of the plan, business expansion.Today should be open-minded and modest, recognize the direction, positive progress.Suitable for visiting elders, seeking help dredging, cooperation and exchange, job hunting, business development, publicity, learning planning, etc.Learn from others and learn from others.Xin Chou day, to prevent mistakes, should not hold adult ceremony and other things.Easy to interpret: the water full of dry moon, goldwater meet, should be open-minded and modest, recognize the direction, positive enterprising, show talent.Xin Jin sit down ugly soil, soil gold, printed star sentient beings, suitable for visiting elders, help dredging, cooperation and exchange, job application.Where travel affairs, there are several periods of time need to pay attention to: auspicious time: 3 o ‘clock to 5 o ‘clock geng Yin time and 11 o ‘clock to 13 o ‘clock noon, choose in this two periods of time, easy to get help, help smooth success.Not auspicious when: evening 17 to 19 o ‘clock ding youshi and afternoon 13 o ‘clock to 15 o ‘clock b wei when, in this time period, easy to conflict change, act easily by dilapidated, should avoid as far as possible.Eastern azimuth is auspicious today, choose this azimuth to use auspicious.● The rat is good for harmonious communication, emotional exchanges, help to play, broaden their horizons, should be clear goals, steady progress.To adapt to the situation, grasp the key, not rash.Suitable for visiting dredge, dating communication, unity and cooperation, management planning, learning introspection, etc.The northeast is conducive to cooperation, exchange and expansion;White, blue, black or black and white accessories will help.● Xiao niu help harmonious communication, learn from each other, should be open-minded steady, active planning.We need to take both internal and external considerations into account, clearly define our powers and responsibilities, and make concerted progress.It is suitable for visiting, making friends and helping each other, negotiating, planning demonstration, careful planning and so on.Be generous to others, and peace is precious.Northeast is conducive to cooperation dredge, self-improvement;Red, yellow department or red yellow collocation clothing auspicious.● Xiao Hu financial star transparent, advantageous to overcome difficulties, make progress, to highlight the main line, careful planning.We must grasp the overall situation and straighten out the relationship between the upper and lower levels.Suitable for financial transactions, project negotiation, innovation and creativity, financial management, introspection, etc.Be magnanimous and modest, avoid extremes.The northeast is conducive to harmony and positive expansion;Green, light blue and yellow are favorable.● Xiao Rabbit is conducive to the implementation and solution of specific affairs, should be clear goals, careful planning.We should take both internal and external considerations into account, focus on key areas and avoid seeking too much.Suitable for financial transactions, negotiation and argumentation, financial management, study and review, planning and innovation, careful planning, etc.To enter the stability, step by step.Northeast and green, light blue or yellow dress for mutual benefit.● Xiaolong is conducive to harmonious communication, help, help enhance confidence, strengthen strength.We should actively coordinate, expand consensus and form synergy.Suitable for visiting, unity and cooperation, negotiation, friendship, learning planning, etc.We should be generous and tolerant and submit to the overall situation.Northeast and red, yellow department or red yellow collocation clothing is conducive to strong self.● Xiao snake is conducive to harmony and harmony, help eliminate chronic diseases, make progress.We should be sensible and prudent, cultivate our strengths and avoid our weaknesses, and reduce unnecessary obstacles.Suitable for visiting, dredging banquets, exchanges and cooperation, publicity and promotion, etc.We should properly handle disputes and differences by keeping cause and effect in mind.Northeast easy to have wrong, try to avoid;Red and green or red and yellow matching clothing to ease the solution.● Xiao Ma should be open-minded, waiting for work, not active attack.Do not forget the danger, remain vigilant, do not be reckless, against the trend.It is not suitable for cooperation, exchange and trade expansion.We should distinguish right from wrong, seek common ground while resolving differences, and avoid unintended problems.The northeast is prone to conflict, try to avoid;Dress in green, light blue or red and green to relieve stress.● Xiao Sheep to calm and calm, and strive to stability, not big things.Be rational, not rash and self-righteous.Should be stable and quiet, do their own, not cooperation, exchange, financial development and other things.We should be mindful of cause and effect, exercise restraint and avoid exacerbating conflicts.The northeast is prone to right and wrong obstacles, to avoid;Red and green and red and yellow matching clothing is conducive to dredge.● Being like a monkey is good for winning support, relieving stress, and achieving results. Be modest and prudent, and plan well.To consider the comprehensive, active reference, to avoid a rush to success.Suitable for visiting teachers, help dredge, learning planning, storage and reserve, etc.Northeast unfavorable, must avoid;Western dress with yellow, brown or yellow and white for harvest.● Xiao chicken easy to nobles help, conducive to a strong self, smooth, should be active integration, do a good plan.Suitable for visiting elders, cooperation and friendship, business development, team building, learning and planning.Be open-minded and modest, build consensus and make progress.Northeast Kyrgyzstan is conducive to cooperation, harvest and progress;Yellow, brown or white clothing is auspicious.● Xiao dog should be calm and calm, risk control, not rashly.The world is unpredictable, to establish a sense of crisis, avoid blind optimism.Should be idle, not cooperative fellowship, trade expansion, etc.Be sensible and prudent, keep to the right path and stay away from petty people.Northeast easy contradiction harm, try to avoid;Red green or red yellow matching clothing can relieve conflict pressure.● Xiao pig should be calm and low-key, more inward, not a big move.Be open-minded and calm, adapt to changes and make corresponding adjustments.Suitable for receiving preparation, planning and planning, management examination, learning meditation, etc.We must be mindful of the long term, harmonious and harmonious, and strive to make up for deficiencies.The northeast is conducive to cooperation, exchange and inspiration;White, blue black or black and white with auspicious clothing.