The latest!Changsha metro Line 1 is extended to the north

2022-07-07 0 By

March 31, xiufeng mountains stand, goose, sheep station the station as the main body the last warehouse roof finish pouring concrete, changsha metro line 1 first phase of the north extension across five stations are complete body caps, for goose xiufeng mountain sheep mountains stand – xiufeng station, station – SuLong bridge station two interval shield originating laid a solid foundation, for the whole company in the first quarter “good start” provides a strong guarantee.Goose Yangshan station is located in the south of the intersection of Furong North Road and Xin ‘an Road, and is laid along furong North Road. Due to the wide distribution of granite and high hardness of the foundation pit, the construction takes a long time.Xiufengshan Station is located in the north and south of the intersection of Furong North Road and Xinglian Road. It is an underground two-story island platform transfer station with large operation volume and relatively complex integrated pipeline.As a key livelihood project of the provinces and cities, changsha Metro has attached great importance to and organized the first phase of the northern Extension project of Line 1 in a scientific way since it started construction in full force at the end of 2020. Focusing on the target and overcoming difficulties, Changsha Metro has adhered to the principle of epidemic prevention and control and production safety, taking safety as the guarantee and quality as the focus, allocating production factors scientifically.Give full play to the leading role of “the branch is built on the project”, realize the party’s construction and construction to ensure safety and promote production, to ensure safety, quality and efficiency to promote the project construction.Up to now, the railway station has entered the auxiliary construction stage, the pile foundation, cap, pier and column of the viaduct section bridge are basically completed, and the box girder construction is in full swing.The left and right line between Sulongqiao station and Kaifu District government station, and the right line between Yiyangshan station and Xiufengshan station are three single-line shield tunneling sections.Shahe parking lot for flat earth, pile foundation and single building construction.Line 1 north delay issue as an important traffic line series Jin Xia group, changsha subway will further highlight the construction key follow-up, optimal operation organization, focus on key, difficult, coordination of all the contractors to keep standard does not drop, strength is not loose, requirements, safety in production earnestly, strive for an early way in people,In the practice of “strong provincial capital” strategy to boost the development of north Changsha.(Changsha Metro)