Miao’s “beauty” career

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“Thank you for the good policies of the Party and the government and the loan support of rural Commercial Bank. Without your help, this poverty alleviation workshop would not have existed, let alone today’s good day…”Kaili city xing Mei Hong Yang garment factory poverty alleviation workshop principal Yang Mei said gratefully.Walking into the poverty alleviation workshop of Xingmei Hongyang Garment Factory in Shangma Shi Community, Kaili City, I saw the workers busy making plates, cutting and sewing…The busy workshop bodes well for the days ahead.Shangmashi Community is one of the earliest relocation sites for poverty alleviation in Kaili city, with more than 2,000 households and 9,000 people relocated.Yang Mei is one of the residents of this community. Now, she has become a famous leader in getting rich from poverty.Yang Mei’s achievements today are inseparable from the care and help of the government and the support of Kaili RURAL Commercial Bank.Yang Mei is born in Kaishao Village, Kaitang Town, Kaili city. Miao Village is located in the deep mountains, covered by clouds all the year round, and its development is relatively backward. Every family is very poor.For many years, she had shined shoes and worked in factories, but her income was so low that she could only provide basic food and clothing, but could not improve her family’s economic conditions.When she was of marriageable age, she married and had children, just like other girls in her hometown, but remained poor.After years of marriage, she and her husband have been working outside the home, leaving their children to grandparents to take care of, and the family can only get together during the Spring Festival.As her child grew up, Yang mei realized that generational education did more harm than good. Only by staying with her child and guiding him to receive a better education could she stop the intergenerational transmission of poverty.In 2010, to better care for her family, Yang returned to Kaili and made a living selling street stalls.In 2016, Yang Mei and her family moved into a new house of 90 square meters in Shangmashi Community, Kaili.After living in the new house, Yang Mei began to plan her future life. She set up a stall to go out early in the morning and come back late at night. She was exposed to wind and rain.She hopes that she can find a job near her home, and that the women who moved with her can find a job near her community, so that they can take care of their families and children.How can ability obtain employment in the neighborhood?Yang Mei had an idea for a business.She is miao nationality girl, have special love to Miao embroidery, plus there are a lot of women in the community ever was embroider niang, then, she will start a business direction on Miao embroidery.After deciding to start her own business, Yang Mei began to look around for policies and funds. Finally, with the advice and help of relevant departments, she opened xing Mei Hong Yang Garment Factory in Shangma Shi community, integrating Miao embroidery with modern clothing to produce ethnic clothing in short supply in the market.Because the business just started, capital is tight, the size of the garment factory is not big, can undertake a few projects, so the income is not ideal.How can we take on more and bigger projects?Yang mei believes that only by expanding the plant scale, increasing equipment, improving technology and recruiting more people can we undertake more and larger projects.Scaling up, adding equipment, all of this requires money. Where is the money going to be raised?Just when Yang Mei is worried, the customer manager of Kaili Rural Commercial Bank came to Yang Mei’s home when carrying out a big visit to inclusive finance and knew her worries.Kaili Rural Commercial Bank visited the garment factory after investigation, soon to the garment factory issued a 300 thousand yuan “Silver Lily – xing agricultural loan” preferential interest rate loan.After getting the loan, Yang Mei expanded the factory and added equipment. The factory expanded from more than 300 square meters to 2,000 square meters, and the number of employees also increased from a dozen to a hundred. The garment factory not only produces ethnic clothing, but also produces school uniforms and uniforms.With the support of credit funds from Kaili Rural Commercial Bank, Yang Mei’s garment factory has become more and more well-equipped, larger and larger in scale, with more and more orders and higher income. It can bring more than 100 women into employment every year.Women working in the garment factory in the community can not only make money to supplement the family income, but also take care of the elderly and children in the family. Everyone is very happy and affectionately calls the garment factory “poverty alleviation workshop at home”.”I’m too old to work outside, so it’s great to work here to take care of my grandchildren and make money.”Wang Taifeng, a native of Paiyang Village, Taijiang County, moved into the community in 2016. She is happy to earn more than 2,000 yuan a month and take care of her grandchildren.It is understood that women working in garment factories can earn more than 5,000 yuan at most, and 1,500 yuan at least, realizing the transformation from housewives to embroidery workers.Now, Yang Mei not only has her own career, but also has time to take care of the elderly and accompany her children. Her life is getting better and better.She said that it is not important for one person to lead a prosperous life, but for everyone to lead a prosperous life. She wanted to run a successful garment factory and bring more women into employment so that everyone could lead a prosperous life.The credit support for Yang Midea is just an epitome of how Kaili Rural Commercial Bank helps “new citizens” to start their own businesses.As the main force of local finance, Kaili RURAL Commercial Bank has not only increased credit funds for “new citizens”, but also established “employment assistance workshop” through the linkage of “bank, government and enterprise” to help more relocated people to “live, live well and get rich”.Correspondent Wu Xingzhi Yang Zaifu editor Ying Xiong Liu Jing school inspector Wang Yun editor Chen Ganxi