MIX pleasant! Their cooperation ignited the scene!

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“The band of flash” the third issue zhou Xiaoou and Zhang Bichen cooperation, two strength singing will be high-pitched amazing and pleasant to hear the explosion

I was young I was young, “it is tailor made for xiaoou zhou three rebellious, seven points and natural and unrestrained give me a bottle of wine, give me a cigarette said go go, I have plenty of time I don’t want to in the coming days,” cried alone cannot forward first is he a solo bass composed of magnetic sing out a n experienced person vicissitudes of life this is his last stubborn for youth song,For ideal acura Zhang Bichen for its harmony, gently hum, expression to sing when Zhang Bichen solo xiaoou zhou also does not have too much intervention, let her to perform independent but not split, sometimes-complex mix-and-match I have you in the final chorus brought atmosphere to a climax two men looked at each other, each other shoots Zhang Bichen bright and clear, xiaoou zhou’s two people deep powerful audio completely stagger the v is very advanced,Administrative levels feels out of their portfolio of eye contact, and emotional engagement seamless don’t like the first time cooperation tacit understanding degree is also scare the blues look at their expressions can feel they are really into the state of life in a hurry for years, youth is not, only don’t GanWenZhang source: comprehensive automatic listen to 968, hope Music Music