“Hotel Management” How to cultivate loyal customers

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The results show that the cost of having an existing customer is six times less than the cost of acquiring a new one.Therefore, most overseas hotels attach great importance to cultivating their loyal customers.Our country has also made some useful attempts to cultivate loyal customers, but it is often lack of certain planning and systematic plans, and has little effect.First, guests start to return to the customized service all customers come to the hotel needs are: the hotel is another customer.Therefore, to grasp the needs of customers, to provide customers with the corresponding personalized service, the hotel should strive to let the guests in the hotel really enjoy the warmth, comfort and convenience of home, so as to create a feeling of home for the guests.Customer requirements also have certain commonalities.For example, clean and comfortable rooms, friendly and courteous staff, and the hotel’s standardized service are all designed to meet these common needs.At the same time, we also need to see the different side of customer requirements.In today’s era of personalized consumption, it is not enough for hotels to rely only on standardized services.Hotels should encourage personalized service on the basis of standardization.Only in this way can we call it quality service.To keep and retain customers.But often, most of what customers want is like an iceberg in the ocean, and only part of it becomes apparent.How to identify and meet the needs of different customers, so that customers in the hotel to enjoy such services as home is not easy.At ordinary times, hotel managers should pay attention to the cultivation of staff in the work with their own common sense and experience to consider the customer needs of the good habit.If customers notice that they are coming from far away and know about local tourist attractions, they can send them a map of the area.After guests check in with their babies, they can add cribs to the baby’s parents’ rooms.Guests who treat guests can take care to send extra packets of teacups or tea.These small gestures make guests feel warm and intimate.Second, know how to take customer expectations into account to a reasonable level of customer service evaluation level of the hotel depends on his expectation of the hotel service and his personal experience of the service level gap.If the hotel service exceeds the expected level, the guest will be very satisfied with the hotel service.If the service level of the hotel can not reach the expected level of the guests, objectively, even if the hotel’s service level is good, the guests will not be satisfied.Therefore, the hotel must improve customer satisfaction in the prescribed service level, fully consider the expectations of customers.At present, China’s hotel management practice of customer expectation management is still blank, has not received the corresponding attention.The formation of customer expectations by market communication, hotel image, customer reputation, customer demand and other factors.The hotel can directly control only market communication, including hotel advertising, publicity, promotion.Marketing communication has a significant impact on customer quality.The hotel in the external publicity process, shall not be unrealistic publicity, to avoid customers on the hotel service evaluation discount, complaints.In essence, the expectation of customer management is to require the hotel to be practical and realistic in the external publicity, requiring the hotel to earnestly fulfill all the commitments made to the guests.Three, in the service to hear the voice of the customer.Many hotel managers do not actively listen to customers’ opinions and suggestions, and do not handle them properly.In the eyes of many hoteliers, as long as guests don’t complain to the hotel during their stay, everything is fine.In fact, not all unhappy customers can complain about the hotel.An unhappy customer might quietly choose another hotel or complain to everyone around him.In this way, the hotel loses not one or two unhappy guests, but many.As long as the hotel can hear the voice of the customer in the way of service, it can retain the customer.So how do you listen?For customers who make complaints, the hotel should carefully listen to the complaints of customers, timely put forward to meet the customer’s relief program, and properly handle.Ritz, a famous hotel group, proposed the golden management theorem of 1:10:100.In other words, it costs one won to settle a complaint the same day, 10 won to postpone it to the next day, and 100 won to postpone it for a few days.For all hotel customers, the hotel must strive to understand the true feelings of the customers, and must clarify the customer’s dissatisfaction with the hotel and the need for improvement.In this way, we can not only see the care and respect of the hotel for the guests, but also know what aspects of the hotel is insufficient, so that the dissatisfied guests become satisfied guests, or even loyal guests.Using and managing customer information Modern advanced information technology enables the hotel to best manage customer information.Record customers’ consumption preferences, taboos, purchase behaviors, accommodation behaviors and other characteristics through perfect database files for customers.In this way, the hotel can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty to the hotel through personalized service to the guests when they come back.Many famous hotels attach great importance to the document management of customers, managers believe that understanding guests is the blood to maintain the life of the hotel.Through the hotel’s computer system, the hotel front desk can know if a guest needs a hair dryer in her room when she checks in.If he needs a higher room with a view.Every time you check in, the hotel can input the customer’s personal information. When you check in again, the information center can quickly extract the relevant information and provide the service required by the guests.5. Establish after-sales communication with customers.In Korea, there are few hotels that attach importance to after-sale communication with customers.Most hotels believe that the relationship between the hotel and the guest ends when the customer checks out and leaves the hotel.Therefore, the cultivation of domestic hotels has become a weak link in the cultivation of loyal customers.Hotels can get unexpected results if they continue to pay attention to their guests after they have completed the transaction.For example, some foreign hotels in the birthday or important holidays to send the hotel special card is not high, but can let the customer happy to remember the hotel.Through this emotional bond, customers can be closely connected with the hotel, consolidate and strengthen customer loyalty.Six, incentive marketing to stimulate customers’ desire to buy some hotels in the development of marketing plans, in order to stimulate customers’ desire to buy repeatedly, and regular customers will be material compensation, in order to fight for repeat customers.At present, this incentive mechanism has been widely used in foreign hotel industry and aviation industry.That is, the points system adopted by the enterprise. Every time customers consume the products of the enterprise, they will get corresponding points. When the points reach the specific standards specified by the enterprise, they can get free consumption opportunities.The products that can be consumed for free can be the products of the enterprise itself or related enterprises.Through the miles system, rewards can be free airline tickets, a hotel room and breakfast, or the opportunity to travel and vacation for free.In addition to free products, there are businesses that can offer discounted products with the same range of products as free products.