“Fu” sanming | to desire, “qing” blessing!Special year custom to send blessings

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As the saying goes in different wind, thousands of different customs in clearing the historic city of hakka customs in activities are colorful and profound depicted a festive and peaceful, welcomed blessing, in China the lees Pentateuch chief li Pentateuch chief begins with the end of the Ming dynasty zhengde years or early jiajing, the only performed on the third day and on the fourteenth day each year, is a qinfeng of praying,Amusements of the gods and people of the year sequence activities.The five figures in the five Classics are Lei Zhenzi, Kuixing, Bao Zheng, Kou Zhun and Li Guang.Villagers according to the characteristics of The Times and characters, made five different masks, painted on different types of facial makeup, between different characters formed a relatively fixed similar to the capture of the fight complete set of action, the actor walked while dancing, neat action, with tacit understanding.Qingliu Hakka Triangle opera qingliu Hakka triangle opera first began in the Ming Dynasty Jiajing years, is from Jiangxi Ganzhou shange opera into Qingliu for fang, xiao, pull li area, after the local folk artists spread and evolved into a strong Hakka style of play, mostly in the festival will be performed.Hakka triangle opera, as the name implies, there are only three roles in the whole drama, sheng, Dan and Chou. With clear hakka dialect and Musical Instruments with clear rhythm and melodious melody, such as yangqin, erhu, bangu and cymbals, the drama is a legend of the past and the present.At present, qingliu Hakka triangle opera mainly consists of the original “Supply Square Triangle Opera Troupe”, which has sorted out 36 kinds of traditional plays.Litian Lanterns are of various varieties and have distinct local characteristics. Every year after winter, the artists in Litian begin to prepare the materials for making lanterns. They select bamboo materials, cut bamboo strips and dry them in the sun, and prepare a large number of paper-cuts with different patterns.The paper – making process is: conceiving, drawing, grouping, paper – paper, paper – papering.According to the form of lanterns: flower bowl lamp, gardenia lamp, carp lamp, wall lamp, drum lamp, bench dragon lamp, etc.The custom of Lantern Festival in Litian has been followed since ancient times. From the eighth day of the first lunar month, regardless of rain or wind, local people will keep Lantern Festival to pray for children and celebrate the festival.Author: Yang Yuting/article Chen Ruhui/photo poster production: Li Li, Zheng Huikai New media editor: Zhang Xishuai source: Qingliu Rong Media Center