Five Hundred Years of Wind and Cloud (The Rise and Fall of the Joseon Dynasty serial 8)

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禑 king dethroned Lee Sung-gye, Cho Min-soo’s sudden return to the army, 禑 Wang and Choi Young panic, hurriedly organized forces, according to the city defense.On June 1, 1388, Li Chenggui led his army to the outskirts of Kaijing and started to advance the next day.Defeat 禑 Wang and Cui Ying led the Praetorian guard, the king fell, the palace was surrounded.June 3, capture 禑 Wang, Cui Ying two people.On June 5, Cui Ying was exiled to Hepu and later taken back to Kaijing to be executed.Cui Ying (1316-1388) was a general and important minister of the Goryeo Kingdom. He made numerous contributions in his life, including driving out Japanese pirates, taking over Kaijing, suppressing the rebellion of Wangsi temple, and defeating the traitor Cui Ruo.I didn’t expect to end up with my head cut off. It was really sad.It is said that cui Ying, a veteran general at the time of her execution, looked unchanged and spoke calmly.On the day cui Ying was beheaded, the people of Kaijing stopped buying and selling to mourn her death. Children on the streets and women in the alleys cried bitterly for Cui Ying.Even zheng Mengzhou, a Confucian scholar of the late Li Dynasty, wrote poems praising Cui Ying: Giving the Notched Ring a temporary chant around the bank of Zebian, and applying to the huai Dynasty.Loyal qin country new government, indifferent to only salaries money for home.Righteousness otter chuan increased morale, success hongye more people.To know the things in the heart, see the day in the day.On June 8, king 禑 was deposed and exiled to Ganghwa Island.From then on, Li Chenggui removed cui Ying’s forces, took the opportunity to control the military power, all foreign military.Li Chenggui and Cao Minxiu formed two factions in the Dynasty.Due to cao Minxiu’s forces, Li Chenggui has not yet been able to cover the sky.The country can not a day without a king, At this time Li Chenggui advocates from the royal family to choose wang descendants as the king, but Cao Minxiu, Li Jia, Zheng Mengzhou and others advocate zhang 禑 Wang Chang, wang’s son as the king, finally Li Chenggui’s proposal was rejected, eight-year-old Wang Chang succeeded to the throne.It can be seen that the return of the Wihwa Army greatly strengthened The political position of Lee Sung-gye, but there are still competing forces restricting him in the Goryeo politics. It will take some time for Lee to replace the King of Goryeo.Cao Minxiu, of course, did not want to let Li Chenggui a monopoly hall, former comrades in the trenches now became opponents.Lao Li, of course, is not a vegetarian, and soon made his move.Li Chenggui borrowed the field system reform trouble, let his impeachment cao, the reason is that Cao interfered with the field system reform, as a result, Cao Minxiu was exiled to Changning.Wang 禑 though exiled at this time, but the heart is very unwilling, total fantasy can get rid of Li Chenggui one day, take back the throne.Hongwu twenty-one years (1389) November, Jin zhu, Zheng Dehou secret to exile to see king 禑, King 禑 crying to their complaint, and ask them to wait for the opportunity to assassinate Li Chenggui, and give them a sword, the order to him think with their relationship good etiquette to judge Guo Zhongfu, let its help their restoration.Guo Zhongfu pretended to promise, that night went to Li Chenggui informant.So Li Chenggui took the opportunity to declare 禑, Chang father and son are not Wang’s descent, actually for xin’s son, urging “scrap false true”.As a result, 禑, Chang and his son were relegated to the common people, and Wang 禑 was exiled from Ganghwa Island to Gangneung, which is farther away from Wanggyeong and Seoul, and Wang Chang to Ganghwa Island.Later, with the help of lee Sung-gye, Chung Mong-ju, and Jeong Do-jeon, wang Yao, who was closest to King Gongmin, was appointed to the throne in order to help The king.Later, lee Sung-gye, Chung Mong-joo, chung Do-jeon and other nine people were honored as “zte heroes.”Soon, Gong let Wang under the pressure of the court, on December 14, zheng Tang literature Xu Junheng to kill Wang 禑, died at the age of 24.And sent the arts and literature museum to raise liu 玽 to jianghua killed only nine years old Wang Chang.Alas!The child is not a crime, because he was born in the emperor’s family, unfortunately became the game chip and victim of politicians.Sorrow!After King Gong Rangwang ascended the throne, Li Chenggui in order to realize the ambition of usurping the kingdom, the implementation of more intense rejection and attack on the dissident elements, so the opposition faction of Li Saek, Yu Xuanbao, Bian Anlie and so on have been dismissed, exile and trial of the bad luck.Soon after li Chenggui cleaned up his opponents, he began to reform the farmland system.The reform of the farmland system shook the economic foundation of the Goryeo dynasty, but increased the prestige of Lee Sung-gye himself, and he was only one step away from usurping the kingdom.At this time, chung Mong-zhou, one of the nine heroes of Zhongxing, stood out. He was a staunch defender of the Goryeo dynasty, and he wanted to launch a final struggle to protect the nation of the Goryeo Dynasty.(to be continued