A warm breeze?More than 36 cities will release easing policies in 2022

2022-07-07 0 By

Statistics from Centaline Property Research Institute show that since January 2022, more than 70 real estate regulation policies have been issued nationwide, among which 36 cities have issued policies to stabilize the property market.Compared with previous tightening measures, since the beginning of 2022, real estate regulation has been mainly focused on stabilizing the property market and easing policies.Specifically, the regulation policies can be roughly divided into four categories. First, the central ministries and commissions maintain the stability of the capital chain in the real estate market.As on February 8, the People’s Bank of China, bank of China insurance regulatory commission issued “about affordable rental housing related notice loan is not included in the management of real estate loan concentration, clear of affordable rental housing projects related to the loan into the real estate loan concentration management, encourage the banking financial institutions shall, in accordance with the compliance, risk control, in accordance with the commercial sustainable principles,We will increase support for the development of low-income rental housing.The second is to give housing subsidies, including the three-child policy of housing concessions.At present, Huizhou, Laixi, Zhaoqing, Luzhou, Hefei, Kunming, Yulin, Zhuhai, Baoding, Huzhou, Bozhou, Luzhou and other cities have different levels of housing subsidy policies.Subsidies cover talent, migrant workers and new citizens, including easing restrictions on household registration to attract more people and inject fresh vitality into the property market.Third, we will relax policies on provident fund.At present, Fuzhou, Zhuzhou, Beihai and other more than 10 cities have adjusted the provident fund policy.Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Centaline Property Research Institute, said, “The low amount of the provident fund will not affect the speculation of home buyers. Most of the provident fund is used for immediate needs and improvement of home buyers. For local governments, choosing a loose provident fund policy can send a signal to the market to stabilize the property market.”The fourth is to attract talent, relax restrictions on residency, such as Jiaxing, Zhongshan and other cities.”On the whole, since the beginning of this year, the real estate control policies have continued the policy direction of the fourth quarter of last year, from the central ministries and commissions to local provinces and cities, all introduced policies to stabilize the property market.From the market, with the emergence of the bottom of the policy, the bottom of the market transaction also gradually began to close.”Zhang Dawei said.China’s yuan-denominated loans increased by 3.98 trillion yuan in January, a monthly high and an increase of 394.4 billion yuan from a year earlier, the central bank said Thursday.At the end of January, outstanding RMB loans reached 196.65 trillion yuan, up 11.5 percent year on year, 0.1 percentage points lower than the end of last month and 1.2 percentage points lower than the same period last year.In January, medium – and long-term household loans, mainly personal housing mortgage loans, increased 742.4 billion yuan.