53900!Compact SUV: 1,831mm wide, 1.5L engine, easy to drive and beautiful

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Nowadays, car consumers are so happy that they can buy a good model at a lower price, don’t you believe it?Today to introduce a compact SUV only 50 thousand yuan, friends may doubt, 50 thousand can buy SUV, or compact class, it is impossible?In fact, there is such a model.This is not a miscellaneous brand enterprise, I believe that as long as the Chinese people should have some understanding of this enterprise, yes, this car enterprise is Wuliangye.You read that right, Wuliangye not only produces wine, but also cars.Today said this model is dazzle industry, the price of this car is really cheap, 53,900 can get an entry version.Of course, the most expensive car in the world will sell for $129,800.Many people will feel strange, why wuliangye will produce cars?Is it qualified to produce cars?In fact, the new car is jointly developed by Wuliangye and Chery, but Wuliangye has a higher stake.In addition to the low price, the design of this dazzling industry is actually good, and not because of cheap and appear to drop grade.Headlights are triangular shape design, and matched with the lens, but also with the intake network through the connection, delicate feeling to create a very good, and in high matching models can be optional LED headlights.The side lines of the new car are quite good, but also equipped with a suspended roof.In addition, the new car is also equipped with a wheel hub design like Nezha’s Wind fire wheels.Overall, considering the price, the sides are actually perfectly acceptable and not ugly.The rear is a smoky taillight design, and the sense of refinement is also ideal, such as the bumper is decorated with silver panels, although it is not particularly fashionable, but the same as the car side.Considering its price, it’s hard to imagine that this is an SUV in the low 50s.Although this is a compact SUV, the body data is relatively mediocre, 4400/1831/1653mm in length, width and height, and the wheelbase is only 2632mm.In fact, the width of the dazzle is pretty good, but other than that, there’s not a lot of impressive stats.As for the interior design, there are not many bright spots, there is no joke point, it is normal.It has two large built-in screens, a multi-functional steering wheel and a mechanical handle that doesn’t feel too much.All in all, this price is very good.In addition, the new car is equipped with multimedia control areas and electronic handbrake.The air conditioning controller uses a button and touch screen design, and the button surface is covered with plexiglass, feel is still very good, and there is not too much loose feeling.The seats are black leather, of course, but the overall seating space is good.In addition, an electric sunroof is also installed on the premium model.The back seat supports the proportion to put down the function, the practical performance is still very good.The powertrain is a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with 116 HP and 143N·m of peak torque, matched by a five-speed manual transmission and a CVT continuously variable transmission.Personally, I suggest to buy low-medium configuration models, because the high configuration price can buy more compact first-line SUV with strong power, so the real essence of this dazzling model lies in the low-configuration version, the entry price is really low, and the four-cylinder engine plus five manual transmission, fuel consumption is very good.In fact, you can hardly find a brand new SUV on the market at this price, and there is only one compact SUV model left.It’s so much better than a used car.